Young Toronto Maple Leafs fan gets bogus birthday cake

A young Toronto Maple Leafs fan wanted to celebrate his eighth birthday with his favorite NHL team’s logo on top of his birthday cake.

Instead he got the logo of packaged meat company.

Eight-year-old Jacob’s interest in the Leafs may raise some eyebrows in his hometown of Mascouche, Quebec amongst so many Habs fans but it really didn’t matter which team you cheered for when Jacob received his cake.

Due to a Google search blunder by a local bakery, Jacob’s cake was punched up with the logo of Maple Leaf Foods, a Canadian packaged meat company, instead of his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

“So Jacob asked for a Toronto Maple Leafs cake for his birthday. The pastry chef of course was on Google to find the logo but did not write … from Toronto. So this party is sponsored by Mapleleaf cold meats,” the boy’s stepmother Tania Levesque posted to Facebook.

According to Global News, the family ordered the cake through a local bakery that they had used previously with success.

Upon being told the Toronto Maple Leafs logo wasn’t available at the bakery, the Levesque’s suggested the baker do a quick Google search to find the logo. The result was much to Jacob’s dismay.

“He doesn’t really know Maple Leaf meat products. He was a little confused, and when he understood and we explained, he said he didn’t want any ‘ham cake,“’ Levesque told the Globe and Mail.

Maple Leaf Foods reached out to the family via Twitter to say, “Sorry to see that Jacob was disappointed with his cake, but we’re giving him something that will turn his thumbs UP! We’re sending Jacob and his family to @MapleLeafs game and we’re going to fuel them with delicious @mapleleaf  products! @ColinnHarris”

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