Wouldn’t the Leafs like to have Kadri right about now?

Leafs Kadri

Here we go. Only 8 games into the regular season and the Leafs are in trouble. Wouldn’t the Leafs like to have Kadri right about now?

With John Tavares our on the sideline with a broken finger the Leafs are in trouble. Tavares who is expected to miss 6 games couldn’t have had this happen at a worse time.

The Leafs are already in a division battle with the Boston Bruins and with 2 of the next 6 games being against them, it doesn’t look good. The Bruins who are healthy and despite losing to Tampa are looking very strong to start the year.

This is going to be a real test of leadership for the Toronto squad. They play Boston on Saturday in Toronto and again on Tuesday in Boston.

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Don’t get us wrong. When a player is injured at the beginning of the season you don’t want to risk it. Although in Toronto’s case they need to pick up at least a win in one of the 2 games against Boston. Should they lose them both you are probably kissing home ice advantage away for the playoffs.

This will most definitely be a test and a wake up call for some of the Leafs players that haven’t put in remarkable effort over the past few games. Take a look at the effort Martin Marincin puts in on this Kuznetsov goal. It’s absolutely disgusting to be coasting in from the top of the circle. Never mind letting Kuzy just walk through the crease.

Leafs will need to pick up there socks. I am sure they are thinking how they could have used a Kadri right about now.

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