Who is Quinton Byfield and why does he matter?

Quinton Byfield
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Quinton Byfield may only be a young OHL stud at this time, but as the year goes on you will likely hear more and more about him. Quinton Byfield may also be flying under the radar of NHL fans at the moment. That won’t last long as it will only be a matter of time before you hear his name regularly.

Byfield, who is a 2002 born hockey player will most likely be a very high draft pick in this years 2020 NHL Entry Draft. Byfield is ranked as a top 3 draft prospect by a number of publications.

The Newmarket born hockey phenom played his minor hockey for the York Simcoe Express before moving on to the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League. Quinton is a towering 6 foot 4 inch, 214 pound, left handed, Centerman.

Quinton Byfield was the number 1 draft pick in the 2018 OHL Entry Draft and he went to the Sudbury Wolves. Since Byfield has been with the Wolves he has made a huge impact on the team and in the league.

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In 2018-2019 season Quinton Byfield, as a rookie, played in 64 OHL games and registered a very impressive 61 points. Those 61 points he registered as a rookie were led by 29 goals.

If you want to compare Byfield to another former Sudbury Wolves stud you could look no further than Dmitri Sokolov. Sokolov ended up getting drafted by the Minnesota Wild in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft as a seventh round 196 overall pick.

How can we compare a future top 3 pick into the NHL with a seventh round pick a few years ago. Well for starters they have similar numbers coming out of there rookie season, with one huge exception.

Quinton Byfield has an outstanding plus minus compared to what Sokolov had. This would suggest his two way play and his work ethic is much higher than the Russian Born player.

When you look at the two players Dimitry Sokolov had, in his rookie year in the OHL, played 68 games and had 30 goals and 28 assists but his plus/minus was a dismal -40. That -40 was only matched by the cold Northern Ontario evenings where the young Russian player played.

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Looking at Byfield again with his rookie seasons 61 points in 64 games and his good plus minus at +12. Now you may say the Wolves had a future NHL goalie in the backstop in Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen and thats a fair thing to say.

Even with that comparison the Wolves had a back up goalie between the pipes while the Finnish Star was busy winning the Gold Medal in the World Juniors so you can take that excuse to the cleaners.

What has Quinton Byfield done this year though? It is early in the season but the young Sudbury Wolves stud has enjoyed immense success. He has racked up a 2 point per game average and with terrible goaltending in Sudbury he has maintained a +11.

Not to mention he isn’t a shy player. Quinton Byfield has not only lit up the lamp for the Wolves but he has played with a little grit. Byfield has registered 14 penalty minutes this year. This years PIM total will probably exceed last years 38 minutes as well.

Since we compared him to the Russian, Sokolov, so much in this article we will use him as an example again and note that the Russian only had 8 PIMs in his entire second season with the Wolves. Once again showing how and why Byfield will be a much higher draft pick in this years entry draft.

Is it fair to compare Quinton Byfield to the Dimitri Sokolov? Probably not but since both have been touted to be exceptional players we make no apologies for the comparison.

The big, tough and fast style of play that Quinton Byfield exudes will most definitely make him a very attractive top pick this year.

Byfield just might be the first Canadian kid to be drafted first overall since Connor McDavid. In the past 4 drafts we have seen the first overall spot been taken by Auston Matthews (American), Nico Hischier (Swiss), Rasmus Dahlin (Sweedish), Jack Hughes (American).

Byfield may very well be the hat that Hockey Canada will want to wear when it touts its development program to attract kids. Also being a first overall pick comes with a ton of scrutiny and expectations which thus far, Quinton Byfield has exceeded.

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