What we learned from the Chris Chelios episode of Spittin’ Chiclets

Chris Chelios Spittin’ Chiclets

Chris Chelios is an absolute legend and hall of famer in the NHL world. Every time the guy speaks, people listen. This was most certainly the case on Monday when the crew over at Spittin’ Chiclets dropped the latest podcast featuring none other than the legend himself, Chris Chelios.

Chris Chelios is certainly a remarkable human being and one hell of a hockey player. Chris played hockey in one of the most roughed and toughest eras of the NHL. Chris started in an era that seen him play with the likes of Larry Robinson, who Chelios described as a big time joker.

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The Spittin’ Chiclets podcast has been on fire lately with some pretty stellar lineups of guests which recently included Eddie Shack. This one was a little more special though because they dived into what are some really relevant topics of discussion around the NHL of late.

Since Chris Chelios played directly for Babcock we had the opportunity to hear directly, from an absolute legend in the game, what he thought of Coach Babcock. This isn’t some little secret anymore and the more you start to hear about what kind of coach Babcock was, well the more you kind of understand why players like Nylander and Marner would threaten to sit out until they got paid.

Chelios didn’t just talk about Babcock though… he discussed a few other topics in his recent sit-down. Even though we all know now about the Babcock situation we will recap what was talked about and let you in on a few things we didn’t even know about the legend himself, Chris Chelios.

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Chris Chelios loved saunas so much that he had the carpenters cut a whole in the sauna so he could watch TV while on the exercise bike in the sauna.

Chelios played 2 years of Junior hockey in Moose Jaw and originally picked North Dakota to go to school but in the last minute Chris Chelios decided to go to Wisconsin.

Chris Chelios started in the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens and on that team was Rod Shutt, Bob Gainey, Larry Robinson and of course Guy Lafleur. Chelios mentioned how he learned so much from them by shutting his mouth and listening.

Chelios came in second for behind Mario Lemieux for the Calder Trophy, Rookie of the year. During that year Chelios had said how he use to steal the jersey’s from the laundry room. He ended up starting his jersey collection with Lafleur, Robinson and Gainey jerseys.

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When Chelios first went to Montreal he also didn’t know any of the traditions of Montreal. He had known a bit about them because of being from Chicago but not so much about the traditions.

Chelios also didn’t think he got it from the press so much in Montreal because he was an American born player but because he was english. He also reminisced how the french press took it easy on Carbonneau but in the mean time he took a beating in the press.

Chelios also told a funny story about Claude Lemieux and how everyone hated him on and off the ice. Lemieux would rub everyone the wrong way and actually got into a fight on Sunset BLVD. with Shayne Corson. He also recalled a time where Pat Burns let Claude Lemieux lay on the ice and wouldn’t let the trainer go out and get him.

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They also talked about the year he won the cup with Montreal and Chelios revealed how he didn’t drink during the playoffs. After they had won the cup he got “black out” drunk during the Stanley Cup Parade because people had been handing him drinks on St. Catherines out of the crowd.

In 1990 after Chris Chelios got married and had his first kid he was traded to Chicago. This is where he was playing for Mike Keenan.

If Chelios could use one word to describe Keenan is psychotic. Chelly called it “never a dull moment” and “a crazy few years” while he was playing for Keenan.

One crazy story he talked about while playing with Keenan was after a game against the kings. During the game though Chelios had laughed at Robinson and Keenan saw it and benched him. After the game Chelios went into Keenan’s office and destroyed everything and stuck his stick in his ceiling so he would know it was him.

After playing in Chicago, Chelios was traded to Detroit where he played for Scotty Bowman. He praised playing for Bowman while playing there.

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We won’t go into any of the stories about Babcock but this one was too much of a beauty to leave out. When Babcock came into the Detroit organization Chelios had realized he played Junior hockey against him.

When Babcock arrived with the team he went to introduce himself to Chelios and he asked him “remembered me, we played against each other”. Chelios responded purposely with “no”.

If you want to listen to the podcast in its entirety then don’t hesitate to follow the link here. The episode of Spittin Chiclets is 223 and they talk about some wild stuff and it is very entertaining.

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