What Every Minnesota Wild Fan Needs To Know About Nico Sturm

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We are going to take a look at some NHL Players that people are familiar with and some that people are not. Today we will take a look at Minnesota Wild player Nico Sturm.

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You may not know much about him but do not worry. Below we outline what every Minnesota Wild fan needs to know about Nico Sturm.

Nico Sturm Salary

You may not know this but Nico Sturm signed with he Minnesota Wild on July 16th, 2019. The young Minnesota Wild player is ready to start to rocking and rolling in the NHL and is going to be a huge factor if he can get his game up to snuff.

Nico, according to cap friendly, is working this year with an entry level contract of $874,125. Nico had a signing bonus of $92,500 last year and has a cap hit in 2019-2020 season of his salary.

Nico Sturm Birthplace

This young NHL stud came over to play hockey from Germany. The 1995 born player is from the German City of Augsburg. It is rare for Germans to be playing in the NHL. We haven’t seen a lot of them over the years.

This young hockey player played his hockey college hockey in the US.

Nico Sturm College Days

Nico played his college days in the United States at Clarkson University. During his time at Clarkson University he ended up playing 3 seasons.

During his last season with the university he managed to get 11 Multi Point Games. This should inspire every Wild fan to be hopeful that they someone who can put numbers up in games.

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We know playing in the NHL is a far different animal than playing College Hockey but this is a promising stat for the analytics guys to drool over.

General Things About Nico Sturm

If you go on the Minnesota Wild’s NHL Page you can skim to a section where they do a short interview with Nico. In the interview Strum discloses some little unknown facts about himself.

You can watch that here.

If you don’t want to watch the video than that’s alright too. Below are key things you will enjoy knowing about this Minnesota Wild future superstar.

What do you know about Minnesota?

  • People like the lakes and cabins.

Food you can’t live without?

  • Coconut Water

Guilty pleasure music?

  • Likes the 90’s and old school rock

Last book he read?

  • Probably a school book

What show he is currently binge watching?

  • Binged Game of Thrones and likes The Office.

Non-Hockey talent?

  • Soccer

Favourite hockey moment?

  • Playing his first game for the Minnesota Wild

The Minnesota Wild have had some pretty interesting turbulence over the past little while. With young prospects in the organization like Nico the future can look a little brighter.

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