Tortorella Disgusted and Pissed About Player Departures Among Other Things

John Tortorella
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John Tortorella had some strong words for his former studs in Columbus. Tortorella expressed he was disgusted and pissed about the player departures.

When it comes to winning the Stanley Cup, John Tortorella may actually know a thing or two. Torts is a Stanley Cup Champion coach and a former player himself. This may be the reason he gets blunt when he talks about winning.

During a press conference the other day Tortorella called out his former players for there signing elsewhere. He didn’t utter their names but he made it crystal clear about his thought.

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Tortorella said “I’m pissed,” and then proceeded to elaborate with “I’m pissed for my players. I’m pissed for my organization. And I’m pissed on behalf of my city.”

Torts was expressing his discontent for players like Duchesne, Panerin and Bobrovsky for leaving the fabulous city of Columbus. If we know one thing it is that Tortorella is a huge advocate for the city and fans of Columbus.

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Tortorella went on to say that “I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of them. I do,” he also continued on with “But don’t talk about goddamn winning, like you want to go somewhere to win. It’s right there in front of you.”

Tortorella didn’t stop there as he also expressed his feelings on the status of Werenski. As for the Werenski situation Torts said, “He has really grown as a player. I just don’t want him to miss a beat here. I won’t be disappointed, I’ll be disgusted.”

Tortorella has every right to be pissed or disappointed in our opinion. The Blue Jackets easily knocked off the Stanley Cup favourites in 4 straight games last year. Unfortunately they lost to the eventual Eastern Conference Champion, Boston Bruins.

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Torts has put a lot of work in helping this team come along way. He hired Marty St. Louis last year as a consultant to help work on the Columbus power play.

Tortorella is a winning coach and wants the best for the fans, team and city of Columbus so we can see where his frustration is coming from.

With the 2019-20 NHL Season just around the corner and the small window of opportunity in the league it will be essential for him to get his team to work.

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