Toronto Maple Leafs Catch A Huge Break As Panthers Hit The Ditches

Leafs Panthers
Photo via The Rat Trick

What a remarkable turn of events the Toronto Maple Leafs have faced in these last few weeks. The lowly Toronto squad which pulled off a historic loss to the Carolina Hurricanes with a EBUG in net has seemed to turn it around.

The matters in Toronto have seemed to be resolved for now as the Florida Panthers are falling faster than a lead balloon. The Panthers which only a few weeks ago where in a playoff spot with 2 games in hand.

Unfortunately since the trade deadline though the Panthers have seen there record slip fast. The club is currently on a 4 game losing streak and that also includes a loss to the buds. The last time the Florida Panthers won a game was way back on February 25th against the struggling Arizona Coyotes.

Since even before the February 24th trade deadline the Panthers seemed to be slumping. The biggest disappointment of the team so far this year would have to be Sergei Babrovsky who started the year by signing a 7 year $70 Million Dollar contract with the club.

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What a terrible decision that is turning out to be. With the Panthers still having 1 game in hand on the Maple Leafs anything can happen but the 5 points behind thing may cause certain problems to the playoff hopes.

One of the bright spots for Florida is they face the Leafs one more time between now and the end of the season. Should the Panthers be able to close some ground between now and then, we could be looking at the game that decides the playoff spot between the 2 clubs.

With 15 games left for the Panthers and 1 game in hand on the Maple Leafs they are going to have to pick up their socks if they want to entertain a playoff spot.

If you are a Leafs fan however, you are laughing right now. The Leafs are about to have some stud defencemen return to the lineup and this will make it even harder for the Panthers to catch them. Nonetheless the Leafs play a style of hockey that will burry any goaltender in the league so the feat is certainly doable for Florida.

Should be an interesting finally of the season between the 2 clubs.

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