Top Hockey Twitter Accounts to follow for 2020

Hockey Twitter

Social media has a funny way of being involved in our lives. So it’s no surprise that when Hockey and social media cross paths we get great fodder. We thought we would give you a list of the top hockey twitter accounts to follow in 2020.

These hockey twitter accounts aren’t limited to players or ex-players either. In the hockey twitter world we have numerous people that are very interesting. Twitter also has its own hashtag #HockeyTwitter to help you find what’s trending in and around the sport. 

The Hockey Twitter hashtag is used by some of the more unknowns in the hockey world though. That said, you may still be able to find some of hockey’s gems by browsing that hashtag. 

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If you want to see what’s up and know who to follow in the hockey world we compiled a list for you to view. We made a pretty lengthy list for 2019 and this one won’t be as long. We also have some new faces on the list and removed some old ones. 

Lets start the list here:

Don Cherry

Don Cherry has a very good knack at rattling the cages of all of the hockey world. The godfather of hockey made headlines around the world this year when he was abruptly fired from his spot on Coach’s Corner. 

That didn’t stop Grapes though as he started his own podcast shortly after. His podcast was unsurprisingly an instant success as well. 

Given the popularity of his podcast his twitter account has been quite busy lately as well. So pop over and check it out. 

Spittin’ Chiclets

This is the twitter account for the wildly popular Barstool Sports hockey podcast. The list we are providing will also have all the members of this podcast in it. 

The reason why they have all made the list is because they are all great accounts to follow. If you want endless content then you must follow any or all of them. 

Rear Admiral

One of the original members of the Chiclets Podcast. If you are a gambling or movie nut then you will love who this account offers. His tweets are hilarious at times and more serious at other times. That said, if you can’t stand his movie picks at least you can take his hockey picks and try and turn a profit. 

Ryan Whitney

Former NHLer and US Hockey player is the other original Chiclet. He loves golf and often likes to throw out his opinion on other sports other than hockey. He is a world class follow and every hockey fanatic will love this account. 

Paul Bissonnette 

Biznasty was on the list last year and has ramped it up this year. He is one of the wildest hockey figures that you will find on the Internet. His entire life is a viral what would I do if I was a retired NHLer. 

If you want lots of entertainment and some pretty good analysis he is the one to follow. 

Mike Grinnell 

Mike is the producer of Spittin’ Chiclets and is a great follow. His account is a good follow and definitely isn’t just riding the coat tails type of Internet personality. 

Grinnell is also a follower of American College Hockey. You will like his touch and if you want to know anything Chiclets related he is a great follow. 

Mick Kern

Mick Kern is the host of under review on the Sirius XM NHL Network. He does a fantastic job and is a wealth of hockey knowledge. He is one of our go to favourites.

Not only does the radio show kick ass but he also engages with people on twitter so it’s not just a microphone of self promotion. That’s one of the greatest things we like about this account. 

Zach Boychuk 

This is a great account to follow if you like the lighter side of hockey. You may also be lucky enough to get a refollowing him. He does a great job on twitter and you will want to enjoy what he is tweeting. 

Todd Shapiro 

Todd is a great account to follow. His love for the Maple Leafs is unique. Most Leafs die hard Leafs fans will start planning the parade after the first week of the season, not Todd though.

He is about as real as it comes. Todd Shapiro has a radio show in CanadaTalks on SiriusXM. He also has a huge personality and engages with people constantly.

Todd has become a target of some of the more rabid Leafs fans at times. This only happens though when he calls out the lacklustre play of some of the Leafs players. 

His opinion on William Nylander and others is exactly why we live to follow and read his tweets. He basically wears his heart on his sleeve and is very entertaining. Enjoy.

Jordan Reaves

Jordan is a Saskatchewan RoughRiders football player and the brother of the Vegas Golden Knights agitator Ryan Reaves. Jordan is a great follow who enjoys to poke the bear. 

During the 2019 playoffs he made some great tweets poking fun at other NHL players and calling them out. He is a very humours account to follow and you won’t be disappointed either if you decide to follow him. 

This is definitely a starters list of who to follow if you are new to the hockey twitter seen. This year we decided not to add any proxy accounts to the list of who to follow and it is also much notably smaller than last years. Nonetheless you will absolutely get hours of fun following these twitter beauties. 

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