Top 5 Absolute Best Christmas Movies Not Involving Hockey

Christmas Movies

The list of movies that have been released around Christmas time is long. In that list we find some true gems that aren’t Christmas movies but play a big part of the memories of Christmas.

When thinking about the movies that came out around Christmas that had only a hint of Christmas touch to it, we find some remarkable cinema. Who can remember going to a theatre to see a movie and have the smell of popcorn in the air?

With the rise of multimedia platforms like Netflix and Amazon Video we get limited to the time we spend in an actual movie theatre. Luckily though these platforms provide a great outlet to find those Christmas Movies you may want to watch over and over again. 

Since we are in such a great holiday mood and want to spread the joy, we feel it’s time to let loose. We will give you guys what we think are the ultimate Christmas movies not necessarily about Christmas. These seem to be the best around the holidays anyways. 

Top 5 Absolute Best Christmas Movies Not Involving Hockey or Christmas

Next Friday – This was the sequel to the cult hit movie by Ice Cube and Chris Tucker called Friday. The movie was a huge success in the 90’s and when the much anticipated Next Friday came out it became an instant classic. 

The movie was missing Chris Tucker as Smokey but it added some great characters and was hilarious. Even to this day when we go to California we want to check out Rancho Cucamonga. 

12 Monkeys – This was another epic cult hit. The premise in this movie is that the people in the future send back a prisoner who is suppose to get information on why a large majority of humans were exterminated.

This movie has some big time actors that are phenomenal. They include Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis and Madeleine Stowe. This is a must watch movie that will certainly keep you sitting at the edge of your seat.

Rocky IV – In an cold war era in both the United States and former CCCP. It was an us vs. them mentality. If you were American you hated the Russians and and if you were Russian you hated America. This boxing battle encompasses that passion.

It is as much a movie about boxing as it is about watching two worlds collide. You have hero’s and villains and in the end you can only have one winner. You will enjoy this must watch movie which is undoubtably the best of the Rocky movies.

Reindeer Games – This is a movie about a reformed ex-con that wanted start a new life after leaving jail. On the outside of jail waiting for him was the love of his life… or so he thought.

Gremlins – This movie is one of Stephen Spielberg’s best movies. Themovie is about a man who gives his son a Christmas present. Little did they know that the present came with certain instructions and complete chaos would ensue if they didn’t follow the rules.

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