Top 10 NHL point leaders this year so far

NHL Point Leaders
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If you are wondering what the scoring situation looks like in the NHL right now than look know further. We compiled a list of the top 10 NHL point leaders this year so far. We will take a look at this at certain points of the year to see where players are ending up.

As of today which is October 28th these are the point leaders in the NHL. Some of these names you will definitely be surprised about considering their pistons and teams that they play on.

Top 10 NHL Point Leaders This Year So Far

Sidney Crosby – Games Played 12 – Goals 4 – Assists 10 – Points 14

You may be super excited to see “Sid the Kid” in the top 10 this year given the problems the Penguins have had. Crosby will always be a superstar but sometimes you don’t know how much of an impact he will have.

Nathan MacKinnon – Games Played 11 – Goals 6 – Assists 9 – Points – 15

Nathan MacKinnon is certainly on fire this year. The entire Colorado Avalanche team is on fire actually. With the offseason acquisition of the scrappy Nazem Kadri you will most likely see this duo lighting it up all year long.

Mitchell Marner – Games Played 13 – Goals 3 – Assists 12 – Points 15

With all the controversy surrounding Mitch Marner in the off season this year he seems to be on point. Things change quickly in this league but this guy seems to have the bull by the horns. We look for Marner to be a little higher on the point leader list by the end of the year but this is a good start.

Mark Stone – Games Played 13 – Goals 7 – Assists 9 – Points 16

The former Ottawa Senator Mark Stone is on fire. Mark Stone has given Vegas a little more edge up front as well. He seems to be buzzing around T-Mobile Arena and loving every minute of it. His play and with the stellar tending by Fleury has hid a lot of the holes in Vegas’ play this year. Hopefully some others will be able to pick it up as well.

Jack Eichel – Games Played 12 – Goals 6 – Assists 10 – Points 16

Jack Eichel is being touted as the future league MVP. He is playing great and giving the Sabres a huge chance to win every night. His play is important to the Sabres success. If Eichel stays healthy watch him to be in the top of this list all year.

Brad Marchand – Games Played 11 – Goals 7 – Assists 13 – Points 20

Marchand is hopping out there. He is on a roll and playing awesome. His little antics have been put on the back burner so far this year. If you are looking to bet on a team to come out of the East and make a run for a cup my money is on Boston.

Leon Draisaitl – Games Played 12 – Goals 9 – Assists 12 – Points 21

The Pride of Germany. He is basically finally playing up t his contract. Even though last year he got a ton of points he looks even better this year. Look for him to be playing had all year long.

Connor McDavid – Games Played 12 – Goals 6 – Assists 15 – Points 21

Connor McJesus as they call him. Is he the best hockey player in the game? Well, he is one of the best any ways. McDavid playing along side Draisaitl will mean both of these players are going to be racking up a ton of points. We will see how the team fairs out midway through the season though.

John Carlson – Games Played 13 – Goals 5 – Assists 16 – Points 21

What a year this guy is having. He has been feeding Ovi some beauties on the PP all year long so far. Carlson is also making a statement as he is surely to be one of the contenders for a Norris Trophy this year if this keeps up. Its all smiles right now in Washington.

David Pastrnak – Games Played 11 – Goals 11 – Assists 12 – Points 23

Pasta is dominating and can’t stop. Why would you want him to either. He is giving highlight real goals each and every night. Playing on a team with Marchand can have its downs but the way those two are performing this year they look like they are on a mission.

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