This guys kiss cam fake out is savage

Kiss Cam

When you go to a hockey game the last thing you are probably thinking is how in the world you are going to deal with a kiss cam. Have no fear though because this guys kiss cam fake out is savage. 

Imagine what your girlfriend is thinking when the guy of her dreams and her are plastered on the scoreboard at a professional sports event. We bet the last thing she is thinking is that this kiss will be viral.

Well in this instance it wasn’t the kiss on the kiss cam that went viral it was the major fake out that is going to land this dude with a pile of hand cream and tissue paper for the next 6 months. 

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The moment happened at a New York Islanders game when the kiss cam was focussed on one very lovely couple. The guy with all the masculinity of a buttered hot chicken wings took his unflattering appreciation of his woman to another level. 

After the 2 had a romantic kiss in front thousands of New York Islanders fans the guy did what no other guy in recent memory has done before. The Islanders jersey wearing lover of all things super human dropped to one knee in what looked liked what was going to be a marriage proposal and began tying his shoe. 

Now to be fair to the guy we don’t know if it was butterflies or serious second thoughts but lady certainly thought the biggest moment in her life was about to happen. 

We are pretty sure that after that fake out on the New York Islanders kiss cam this guy will be either sleeping on the couch for the next six months or packing his shit and looking for a new woman. 

The only thing more humiliating than that kiss cam fake out is the way the Toronto Maple Leafs perform in the playoffs. 

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