These 6 NHL Teams Are Going To Surprise You In 2019-20

Surprise NHL Teams
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With the NHL offseason in full swing we decided to have a little fun and make some wild predictions. These 6 NHL teams are going to surprise you in 2019-20.

We decided to outline some teams that are going to absolutely surprise the hell out of you. These are NHL teams that are going to run deep next year.

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Our predictions will make some of you yawn but most of you will take notice at how correct we will be. We can’t recommend you go out and throw money on these teams, but we are.

We believe that some of these teams either underachieved last year or made some wild deals that we think will put them on the cusp of being great.

Now that we have captured your attention and imagination, let’s dig in to see what 6 NHL teams are going to do phenomenal and surprise the hell out of you.

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Remember, this list in May 2020 will be ultra relevant and raise your eyebrows.

6 NHL Teams That Will Surprise You In 2019-20

Colorado Avalanche

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The Colorado Avalanche will not be a team to be taken lightly in the 2019-20 season. The Avs are poised to make a huge run in this next years campaign.

The acquisition of Nazeem Kadri May just be what the doctor ordered for the Avs. Kadri who has matured greatly under Babcock really was an underachiever in Toronto. You can take this one to the bank.

Kadri who was on a third line with Nylander and did some stupid stuff in the playoffs will be a huge asset next year. The former Toronto Maple Leaf will probably be on a second line and get the opportunity to perform to his ability.

Kadri needed Babcock to grow his game but now that it’s over and getting away from the cancer of Nylander you will see his magic. This trade was a huge win for Colorado.

We don’t want to sell Tyson Barrie short but the Avs have Cale Makar who will more than make up for the absence.

This group the Avalanche management team assembled is one that will do great things. Especially if they get good goaltending.

Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings are another team on the cusp of greatness. The team has proved they are going for a breakout year during this campaign.

Vegas which has the Red Wings at 100-1 odds of winning the cup is totally off the mark here.

Even though we don’t expect them to be a great contender this year they are improving. The odds in our opinion are far to steep for this team right now.

To give the Detroit Red Wings the second worst odds at the cup is wildly foolish in our opinion.

The redwings which are going to be lead by Yzerman and his wizardry have some deep prospects like Sudbury native Tyler Burtuzzi.

This young stud is going to have a breakout year like no one is expecting. You can take that to the bank.

We are anticipating Yzerman to make some moves as well and you will see a contender in a few years, but this team will surprise you this year.

Montreal Canadiens

The wait isn’t going to be long now for the Canadiens. They will make the playoffs this year. Once they are in the playoffs if they haven’t worked Carey Price to death you better watch out.

The Canadiens had strong numbers last year but got shafted in the Eastern Conference because of a surprisingly well Carolina Hurricanes. This won’t happen again.

This year they will be better than Carolina, Islanders and Blue Jackets. With Max Domi coming into his own and a healthy Weber you will see them move up drastically in the standings.

New Jersey Devils

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The New Jersey Devils are a team that are going to make a big push come playoff time this year. They may actually be one of the hungriest teams in the NHL right now.

New Jersey isn’t going to be the dynasty of the old but you watch. The acquisition of Subban and the eventual signing of Hall are going to make this team a playoff contender.

The only strike against them is goaltending. If Schneider can get back to form and play half decent then this is a guaranteed playoff team.

The Eastern Conference has a ton of parity and it is being overlooked. Teams that made the 2018-19 Stanley Cup Playoffs will have a tough time returning this year.

The window in the league is small and New Jersey is positioning themselves to have a real opportunity to make a move this year.

This is a team that is a 30-1 underdog right now and that’s good value at that bet.

Chicago Blackhawks

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The Blackhawks have a ton of talent everywhere. They have depth in goal and all the way up and down the lineup.

This team for some reason isn’t really given the regards they so deserve. The Blackhawks arguably have the best American born player in the world playing for them and have experience winning.

The Blackhawks are no joke and to count them out right now would be foolish on anyone’s part. Patrick Kane will lead this team over the long season.

With the pickup of Lehner on July 1st and the depth that gives them in net you will see a resurgence in there ability. This team has played a ton of hockey over the past 10 years and needed a longer offseason to reset the engine.

Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars are at the wheel of the driver seat right now. They will have the easiest or second path to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Stars are locked, stocked and loaded this year and you may see them hoist the Stanley Cup come June 2020. That sounds like a really bold prediction to make in late July but we can’t see any other team with this much potential and this least credit.

The Dallas Stars have aligned themselves to make a very deep run if they stay healthy. Dallas has the goaltending and depth to go far.

This year they were a wrap around away from the Western Conference finals and probably a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. With Benn, Seguin, Pavelski, Radulov, Perry and Heiskanen they are poised. The only thing they lack in my opinion is a back up goalie to lighten the load for Bishop.

Sitting with 9-1 odds to win the Western Conference and 20-1 odds to to win the Stanley Cup this is the team my money goes on. The Dallas Stars are going to surprise everyone this year.

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