Theo Fleury Hockey Hall of Fame Bid Denied

Theo Fleury Hockey Hall of Fame bid denied, again. As The Hockey Hall of Fame inducted some new members today. The list was missing at least one notable player.

Theo Fluery played his career in a time where size mattered. He was just 5 foot 6 and 187 lbs. His size didn’t stop him in becoming an elite tough player.

Fluery was a beast. In his career he was over a point per game player which ranks him above so many others. His regular season career stats include 455 goals and 633 assists for a whopping 1088 points in 1084 regular season games.

Fleury did all of this remarkable play while battling some pretty heavy demons in his closet. In a tell all book released by Fleury, Playing With Fire: The Highest Highs and Lowest Lows of Theo Fleury, Fleury described how he was molested and sexually abused as a young hockey player.

Fleury didn’t cope with that shit very well, as most people wouldn’t. He regularly went on benders doing drugs and alcohol like it was no bodies business.

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At one point in a downturn and battle with depression Fleury put a loaded hand gun in his mouth. The world is a better place because he didn’t pull the trigger.

Since leaving hockey and writing his book Theo Fleury has done very important work. His story of his life is an inspiration to many young men and adults who have faced similar circumstances.

The Hockey Hall of Fame has snubbed him though, again. For what ever reason they feel that he is not worthy of hockey’s ultimate membership.

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During Fleury’s career he also accumulated 1840 penalty minutes. This makes him one of the toughest sons of bitches in the NHL that could also play hockey.

In Fleury’s first 1988-1989 rookie year with the Calgary Flames he won a Stanley Cup. The team was compromised with some amazing talent.

Theo Fleury was born on June 29, 1968 in the small Saskatchewan town of Oxbow. He was selected 166th overall by the Calgary Flames in the 8th round of the 1987 NHL Entry Draft.

Not only did Theo Fleury win a Stanley Cup in 1989 but he has also one many of the most prized hockey trophies.

  • 1988 World Junior Championship Canada
  • 1991 Canada aCup Gold Medal
  • 2002 Olympic Gold Medal Canada

The 2019 Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees Are

  • Jim Rutherford
  • Jerry York
  • Guy Carbonneau
  • Vaclav Nedomansky
  • Hayley Wickenheiser
  • Sergei Zubov

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