Theo Fleury Fan Starts Grassroots Movement To Get Fleury In Hockey Hall Of Fame

This Theo Fleury fan has had enough and is attempting a grassroots movement to get Fleury inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. The list was announced earlier this week and once again Theo Fleury was left off of it.

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Early Monday morning a Facebook group popped up in one of the Facebook Calgary Flames fan groups. In the group the poster had put out a call to action for people to join the newly formed Theo Fleury Belongs In The Hockey Hall Of Fame Facebook group. 

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It didn’t take long for members of the group to agree. The posts which actually appeared in multiple Calgary Flames Fans groups had numerous comments and reactions, all which were positive.

However, taking the group mainstream is probably a little more difficult than picking up a dozen or so group members in a day. When contact by Goal Horn the creator Aaron Matthau had this to say, “Theo Fleury was a childhood idol,” the creator also went on to explain “ Fleury was an instrumental force for every team he played on and someone who is his size puts up those numbers in that era… he deserves a statue, let alone an induction into the Hall of Fame”. 

The Facebook group that Aaron started is described as, This is a grass roots movement. We hope to make enough noise to ensure Theo Fleury is rightfully inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. #14. 

We asked Aaron what his favourite part of Theo Fleury’s career was and Aaron responded that he loved his rough, take no prisoner style of play, but ultimately the fact that he was part of bringing a cup to Calgary is something that really what separates him from other Flames greats. 

Fleury did have somewhat of a storybook career. He totalled over a points game for over 1000 regular season games. Fleury’s style of play was gave him an impressive almost 2000 penalty minutes over his career. People have to also remember that he played in an era of clutch and grab and was only 5’6” tall.

All in all many people believe that Theo Fleury is being short changed when it comes to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Should you be one of those people that feel that way then you can join the Facebook group at Theo Fleury Belongs In The Hockey Hall Of Fame

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