The Seattle Hockey Team Still Doesn’t Have A Name

Seattle Hockey Team

Seattle is about to start playing hockey in the 2021-22 season. That may be far off for some but the Seattle hockey team still doesn’t have a name. Even though the team remains nameless, there is still plenty of buzz regarding the newest NHL franchise.

Seattle will be the newest NHL franchise and they are going to need a great catchy name and really cool logo to stand out.

Even before the Seattle hockey team can choose a name they have to fill some roster spots. They have filled the big one with Ron Francis heading up the GM position but thats all we have to date.

The process has been long and intense for the Seattle group. Coming up with a name that everyone will like can be a daunting task. There are a number of options, so far, and everyone has a different opinion of each. It will be hit or miss on what they choose.

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Before we go into the list of what the Seattle hockey team could be named, we will outline how thet got to this point.

The Seattle Hockey Franchise is Born

Conceived in early December 2018, the birth was delivered by the NHL to the proud papa’s of the Seattle Hockey ownership group David Bonderman, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Tod Leiweke.

The three men are the original architects of the Seattle franchise, energized to bring this new franchise to fruition. The job is large and the task not easy. They have to bring a blank canvas to a full-scale professional sports brand in under two years.

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The team does have an arena and it is set in an urban setting. The arena which they are currently renovating has been given historical designation. The arena is one of only two given this distinction in North America. The other is Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Video Source via @NHLSeattle2021

Plans for the marvelous arena include doubling the square footage of the arena from 400,000 to 800,000 sq. feet. The 600,000 cubic yard excavation will help create, what Seattle is hoping, an arena that will stand out in the world.

The Seattle hockey team has yet to pick a coach. Ron Francis has stated in an interview with that the team is “likely to hire a coach sometime from January to June 2020, but it’s possible a desired candidate could accelerate that timetable.” This timeline doesn’t really put any immediate pressure on them.

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The expansion draft for the team will take place in June 2021 and that is still some time away so this will give the team an ample opportunity to get its scouting staff and coaches in line to really get a feel for players that may be available after the 2021 season.

The Seattle hockey team is going into the expansion draft with the same rules as what the Vegas Golden Knights had in 2017. This is really going to ruffle some feathers because of the success that the Knights had and the salary cap issues some of the other teams have.

All in all we are likely to see something really good come out of this club because of the format of the expansion draft. When you pay $650,000,000 to join a league maybe you should get some perks.

What’s the name going to be?

What will be the Seattle NHL franchise team name? This is one thing that has been kept a secret as of now, but tons of speculation has been thrown around as to colors, logos and names.

In 2018, did an article ranking all 13 team names that they believed to be the choice options for the new Seattle Franchise. Reports have also surfaced showing that the Seattle ownership has trademarked at least 13 names.

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The 13 team names that are the potential possibilities are: Seattle Cougars, Seattle Eagles, Seattle Emeralds, Seattle Evergreens, Seattle Firebirds, Seattle Kraken, Seattle Rainiers, Seattle Renegades, Seattle Sea Lions, Seattle Seals, Seattle Sockeyes, Seattle Totems and Seattle Whales.

The odds are in favour of the Totems. That has changed since March of 2018 when it was the Emeralds. Looking to the Seattle hockey team’s official NHL page, the color scheme seem to reflect that they may have went with the Sockeyes. So who knows.

March 4, 2018

December 4, 2018

Given the odds on these names it is a good bet that the Seattle team will not be named the Metropolitan which has been thrown around before. Thats good though because, really, that name stinks.

The writers here at are split about the Seattle Hockey Team name, with a divide between the Kraken and the Sockeyes. Given the odds as of December 2018, neither one may get the chance to shine.

A number of Facebook groups are running polls on this. You can check out The Concession Stand Facebook Group if you would like to vote on this topic and have your voice heard.

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