The NHL Season Opener Looks To Be A Doozy With 4 Games

NHL Season Opener

The 2019-2020 NHL season opener looks to be a doozy with 4 games on the docket. Hockey’s offseason is seaming particularly long right now and we can’t wait for it to start.

On October 2, 2019 we will finally have some regular season hockey to watch. The off season has season some pretty good moves made by a few teams so we are excited to get going to watch how this all pans out.

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Will the St. Louis Blues repeat as cup champs? Will the Tampa Bay Lightning have another outstanding regular season? These are just some of the narratives that will carry through the first 60 days.

So, what’s happening for the NHL season opener? Well, the four games scheduled look to be good and maybe not as predictable as some would think.

The first game of the night which will be televised on Sportsnet is the battle of Ontario. With all the noise surrounding the Leafs and Mitch Marner this is becoming a highly anticipated game.

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Below we will make our pics for the NHL season opener. During the regular season we will also be making weekend picks of the teams. We hope you stay tuned for that as some picks will surely upset people but we will call them how we see them.

NHL Season Opener

Ottawa Senators vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

This game will be played in front of a no doubt sellout crowd in Toronto. The Leafs are going to be looking to make a statement early in the season. With or without Mitch Marner we will likely see a Toronto win.

As for Ottawa, they will be looking to improve from being a basement dweller this year. The Sens will be coming out strong but unfortunately for them on this night we don’t see them winning.

Our pick: Toronto Maple Leafs

Washington Capitals vs. St. Louis Blues

This will be a big game and both teams are going to be looking to set the tone for the entire season. The Capitals, who are the 2018 Stanley Cup Champs, will watch the electricity in St. Louis as they raise their first Stanley Cup banner to the rafters.

The Blues will be fired up on opening night no doubt and will most definitely Ben playing on a high. St. Louis will want to set the tone as they look to defend the Cup throughout the year.

Some Blues players will have something to prove but will the Stanley Cup hangover start on opening night? With the loss of “Big Rig” Pat Maroon to the Tampa Bay Lightning we will see how there depth matches up with the Capitals early.

Another factor in this game will be Kuznetsov. He was just handed down a 4 year suspension by the IIHF for testing positive for cocaine. If he’s on the snootz or not we will not know, but he is a high impact player that many will be watching.

Our Pick: Washington Capitals

Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers

Surely this one can’t be a snoozer. We will see how Conner McDavid does in opening night and how his injury has healed. If you don’t remember he was injured in the final game of the regular season against Calgary last year.

Vancouver looks to make strides in the Western Conference this year. Pettersson will be fresh off of his rookie of the year season and will look to make a splash.

Edmonton however has brought in Mike Smith and it is unsure at this time if he will get the start for the first game. In all seriousness though we expect him to start. The Oilers just haven’t had success with Mikko Koskinen.

For this night we will assume the Oilers play Smith and go with him as a starter throughout the season.

Our Pick: Edmonton Oilers

San Jose Sharks vs. Vegas Golden Knights

This is the newest rivalry in the NHL. The Knights and Sharks have so much bad blood between them that it will be a crazy game. Both teams have won a playoff series against each other and tempers have flared because of it.

Who can forget the brutal call during game 7 last year? What happened after was one of the greatest collapses in sports history. That is stuff rivalries are made of. It almost reminds me of the Toronto and Boston rivalry that was intensified after the Leafs collapsed.

Nonetheless this game has meaning. The 2 teams are looking to prove a point. Not only that but we look to see how the Sharks have panned out.

With the Pavelski move to Dallas and the signing of Karlsson to a crazy deal we are intrigued to see how they perform.

Our Pick: Vegas Golden Knights

For an NHL season opener this lineup is good. We are getting excited to see how the 2019-20 NHL season pans out.

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