The Islanders have won 10 straight and nobody is talking about it

The New York Islanders are on a hell of a run right now. The team is winning and it appears they aren’t about to stop anytime soon either.

During the past month the team has managed to scrape together an impressive string of victories. It want too long ago that the Islanders were written off by most pundits.

Only last year when they lost Tavares they were completely written off. Then came the playoffs in 2019 and they were completely discounted. They surprised everyone though by sweeping the Penguins.

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Come to this year and people were proclaiming that to be a one off. Especially during the off-season when they lost their goalie and didn’t make any block buster moves.

Anything is possible though especially when you play as a team and have a stellar coach behind the bench. Barry Trotz has taken this team to new highes that many didn’t think was possible. 

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The remarkable 10 game run isn’t over yet and maybe we are just seeing the beginning of a real Stanley Cup contender.    Even though the run has included 2 wins against the Senators they have also beat the red hot Sabres and Coyotes. 

Regardless of how successful the team will be this year, having a start like this is just what they need if they want a good playoff spot in a tightly contested Eastern Conference.

There 10-0 record has looked like this.

October 12th

3-2 Shootout Win against the Florida Panthers

October 14th

3-2 OT win against the St.Louis Blues

October 17th

3-1 win against the Winnipeg Jets

October 19th

3-2 OT win against the Columbus Blue Jackets

October 24th

4-2 win against the Arizona Coyotes

October 25th

4-2 win against the Ottawa Senators

October 27th

5-3 win against the Philadelphia Flyers

November 1st 

5-2 win against the Tampa Bay Lightning 

November 2nd 

1-0 win against the Buffalo Sabres

November 5th

4-1 against the Ottawa Senators 

When you are on a heater like this you never know how long it will last! 

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