The Hooters Handbook A Look Into What It Takes To Be A Hooters Server

Hooters Handbook
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In September 2005 the website The Smoking Gun published excerpts of the Hooters Handbook. Since then the times have changed but has the Hooters Handbook changed? We take a look at the Hooters Handbook and what it takes to be a Hooters Server.

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Hooters has been an all time go to restaurant for college guys and young adults for many years now. The name alone with the owl logo is a fantastic indicator to what the chain is all about.

We live in different times though and this isn’t the early 2000’s or 1990’s for that matter, so it is interesting to see what and if the handbook has been updated since its release. The Smoking Gun website released what it claims to be the Hooters Handbook for employees that are Hooters Girls.

If you want to see the highlights of the handbook you can visit The Smoking Gun website article So You Wanna Be A Hooters Girl? and see what they have published. We have just taken some of the ones that we found to be the most interesting, for whatever reason.

There have also been numerous videos made by former Hooters Girls. One Hooters Girl in particular that made a YouTube Video goes by the handle Ashlynn Racquel. She posted a video named Hooters Handbook:The Untold Truth of Hooters.

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Making Mondays a breeze since 1983. ✌️

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In this video she describes the rules and reads it straight from the rule book. Her video was posted in 2018 and can be viewed below.

Highlights from the Hooters Handbook published from the 2005 article can be found below.

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Good things come in threes.

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Proper care of yourself and constant attention to teeth, nails, hair, body and uniform is recommended for maintaining good health, appearance and safe food handling practices.

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Perfect place to catch the preseason games 🏈

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Because it is essential to our success that at the Hooters Girl image is properly maintained, failure to comply with these Image and Grooming Standard may result in discipline up to and including termination.

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Keep Calm. It's #WingsdayWednesday 👑

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Hair is to be styled at all times. No ponytails or pigtails are to be worn.

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We know how to Happy Hour 🍻

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No bizzarre haircuts, styles or colors are acceptable.

Hooters Girls are to be camera ready at all times.

Makeup is not to be extreme, nor too minimal.

Jewelry is to be minimal.

Two earrings per ear is maximum.

One Necklace maximum.

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Ready for Cinco de Mayo!

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No Chokers, Beads or similar necklaces.

Tattoos are not allowed to show.

Socks are to be the all white “slouch” socks.

Tennis shoes are to be 100% white in color.

These are just some of the requirements for Hooters Girls as of the 2005. We are sure you have seen Hooters Girls with tattoos as times certainly do change. Maybe you haven’t though… The link to the entire 2005 handbook can be found in the highlighted portion above.

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