The Concession Stand – Mike Smith Missing, Kempny Bloodied and More

Have you missed some events around the NHL over the weekend? The Concession Stand, our Monday recap, is here so you can pick up on some of those NHL goodies and start your week off right.

Get In Your NET!

The goaltending woes of Calgary Flames goaltender Mike Smith just hit another stretch. On Saturday evening, Calgary Flames Goalie Mike Smith played a juggernaut behind the net and cost Calgary a goal in their game against the Minnesota Wild.

With a 1-1 tie on home ice in the third period of Saturday’s game, Mike Smith attempted to play the puck. What appeared to be an easy play behind the net, after a Minnesota dump in, turned into a disaster for the Calgary netminder.

Smith went after the puck and got tangled up with his defenceman. Then all chaos broke loose when the Wild’s Joel Eriksson stole the puck and sent it out front for the Wild to score.

Sometimes you just have to stay in your net, Smith!

Stick Throwing

The New York Rangers were playing the defending cup champs Sanday when the game ended in a tie and went to shootouts. The shootouts were deadlocked when it was Alex Ovechkin’s turn. Ovechkin who is the leagues most dangerous sniper had the game on his stick when Rangers goalie Georgiev decided he was having none of that.

When in doubt I guess throw your stick? It didn’t matter because wonky NHL rules make that an automatic goal. You may have thought that Ovi should have redone it but nope, Washington wins.

Kempny Bleeding

It was a wild Sunday afternoon at Madison Square Garden. Not just the stick throwing incident either. Michal Kempny, the hard nose Capital, got a little nose rearrangement.

In the replay that we saw it looked like either the puck or the Ranger elbow decide to turn Kempny’s nose into a leaking faucet. The guy returned to the ice like, any good hockey player would, with a tampon shoved up his nose.

Iginla Number Retires

Calgary goal, scored by number 12 Jarome Iginla. Those words were heard more times while Iggy had a Flames jersey on than any other Flame in history. Saturday night the Flames payed great homage to the retired 18 year veteran by retiring number 12 and hoisting it to the rafters.

Iginla, known for his outstanding ability to control a hockey game, deserved every minute of the tribute to him. Jarome is the greatest Flame to ever wear the flaming C.

Every Calgary Flames fan had shivers and tears during that tribute.

Bunch Of Jerks

The jerk store called and they want you back. Ever since Don Cherry called the Carolina Hurricanes a bunch of jerks for doing their little post win ritual the Canes have stepped it up. Carolina has turned trolling in sports into an entire new dimension.

The trolling continued on Saturday after the Canes won at home. This time around they had the great Evander Holyfield come and knock some heads.

You don’t mess with real deal Holyfield.

This has been a recap of the crazy weekend in the NHL. See you next time and enjoy!


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