The Concession Stand – Gusev To Hughes Is An Actual Thing Now – WATCH

New Jersey Devils Concession Stand
Photo via Instagram @njdevils

This season is going to be a wild one for the New Jersey Devil. We know its only preseason but already things are looking pretty interesting. Whenever you get a combination like Gusev and Hughes together you are pretty much looking at magic.

Last night the Devils took a preseason squad to the Meadowlands and had a pretty good showing against the Boston Bruins. Now we know its only preseason and only half a squad, but things got a little real.

If teams in the east can’t figure out the Gusev – Hughes duo early they will be in for a world of pain. You just have to watch the highlight below to see what type of player this Hughes kid will be. You also can’t deny the chemistry that is going to happen between the American and Russian player during the year.

That OT goal is beauty and the fake shot slide over to Hughes from Gusev will be a thing to watch out for this year. What an improvement the New Jersey Devils have made this year.

The New Jersey Devils are going to improve a bunch in the standings this year but the only question they might have is how the goaltending is going to shape up.

Listen, we know its only preseason but we have to remind you that our Concession Stand is a weekly contribution. You will be able to find the concession stand report every Monday. Watch out for it because you aren’t going to want to miss it.

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