Spittin’ Chiclets Podcast has an opportunity to shape the NHL

Spittin’ Chiclets
Photo Via Spittin’ Chiclets Podcast

If any of our readers aren’t aware of what or who Spittin’ Chiclets are then you most likely haven’t been paying attention. They are a crew made up of 3 former NHL’ers and a Barstool Sports hockey blogger.

This crew of hockey content producers right now are no doubt the buzz in the hockey world. Without a doubt you will hear a whole lot more about them in the next year or two guaranteed. Not only that, but they are exactly what the game and the NHL needs right now.

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Take it as you may but we can guarantee that the NHL did not see their rise in popularity coming. This group is with no doubt in my mind going to shape how hockey is played in the future.

Sure we seem to give them a little stroke now and then, but when a group of people are doing what they are doing and are as influential as they are it is important for hockey fans to take notice. The influence in the game that they have may not be engineered but they have a cult like audience and that is a good thing for the game.

There are a tonne of people in there late 30’s and early 40’s who are pissed off about the state of hockey. The case in point right now is if you look at how Milan Lucic was treated by the league for standing up for his goalie. A 2 game suspension? Come on!

We all of a sudden have new age hockey fans are saying things like “sucker punch” when describing what happened and that’s ridiculous and not good for hockey. Some of these new agers, amplified by social media, would like to see no hitting and no fighting and they are the ones who are not the best of friends for the game.

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So how in the world does this tie into how a podcast from Boston has an opportunity to change or shape the way hockey is played? I am going to tell you. Those guys are the voice of the average hockey watcher.

We have no idea what the major demographics of the podcast are but we are pretty sure its something like this, Male 30-45 and Male 18-25. Maybe we are totally off with this but we aren’t pretty sure thats how it goes.

When you hear Whitney, Biznasty and RA come out and admit that this type of behaviour of giving a 2 game suspension to Lucic for protecting his goalie is baffling then you know that these guys are on point.

For the podcast they have thousands of listeners and it is most likely growing every episode. The team they have put together is entertaining and knowledgeable. They have amazing interviews with hockey legends and unknowns.

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How do they change hockey though? Well they are an intricate part of growing the game. The NHL for years now has been trying to grow the game and with rise of the podcast it will become a lot easier. Especially to reach those younger fans looking to find their game.

The crew over at Spittin’ Chiclets has a wonderful outlook or take on how the game should be played. We think there views are a mix of old and new school and that’s fantastic.

It also needs to be mentioned that there entertainment value is off the charts. How will they change or shape the game though? Well by them helping grow the game you will see there brand of hockey fans come into play.

Whether the NHL likes it or not they are in the business of entertaining. This is why when you have such a rapidly growing cult like audience like they have and you actually played in the NHL you have credibility.

The credibility this group has can alter and even shape how young people play and want to perform. So as the podcast grows and the generation coming up has some guidance on what a rough and skilled brand of hockey sounds or looks like they won’t feel out of place doing things like protecting the goalie.

The mechanics of hockey are changing and the bigger the audience that Spittin Chiclets gets the better the opportunity that we won’t lose some of the greatest parts of the game increases. This doesn’t end at old school hockey either. When Whitney describes how a player having the puck in his skates ,while coming over the blue line, is complete control and shouldn’t be offside he is saying this is a skill and his credibility should be heard in Toronto while they are reviewing an offside call. If it isn’t happening now it will be in the future. Especially as there podcast grows.

We hope they continue with their success because the former influential people like Don Cherry won’t be around forever.

This brings us to our final point. Don Cherry shaped a lot of Canadian kids hockey style growing up. He was a major influential part of hockey and how the game was played for years.

This is a new era though and these guys have the ear of a new generation of kids who are going to listen to what the new unwritten rules are. That’s where these guys have a brand of entertainment that, like Don Cherry, is going to be the outlet that shapes a new generation of hockey. The NHL should take note.

If you are interested in listening to the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast you can find it by following the link here.

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