Some people want Bortuzzo’s head on a platter for roughing up Arvidsson

Photo via Instagram @rbortuzzo

Hockey Twitter is on the prowl yet again Sunday morning but this time the target is an NHL Defenceman. Some people want Burtuzzo’s head on a platter for roughing up Arvidsson but not us.

Quite frankly lately the social media bandits have too much influence on the hockey world. Some of these “analysts” and what have you are so outraged over simple crosschecks and things that wouldn’t even of been a penalty 5 years ago.

This is just another example of the outrage culture and how it is infecting hockey. The hashtag #HockeyTwitter is the place where hockey folks and analysts go to be outraged over every little play that happens.

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So why are they so pissed off about Robert Bortuzzo’s careless crosschecking incident on Saturday evening. If you were wondering too the hashtag #Bortuzzo is trending and he is being piled on.

The hit that Bortuzzo deliver was a simple cross check but maybe if you look where the Nashville Predators forward is than you will understand it. Arvidsson is standing in Binnington’s crease and he should be punished for doing so.

The goalies have one line of defence and that is there team standing up for them and moving them out of the way. If you see the video than you can ultimately make your own judgement.

Unfortunately though the hockey analysts world is full of people who are enraged. Just look at some of these tweets below.

Maybe next time Arvidsson wants to stand in a goalies crease he will think twice. You should be fair game to that kind of punishment if you are standing in a goaltenders crease. It is frankly ludicrous that Bortuzzo would get anything more than a 2 minute penalty for this.

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