Ryan Reaves Brother Unloads On Joe Thornton

It is starting to become a wild year in the NHL and with the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs around the corner we shouldn’t expect anything different. This Saturday Ryan Reaves brother, Jordan Reaves, unloaded on Joe Thornton. This will be just the beginning as Vegas and San Jose will meet in the first round of the playoffs.

In a game Saturday between the San Jose Sharks and the Vegas Golden Knights Ryan Reaves and Joe Thornton got into a scuffle. The scuffle ended up giving the two players a $2500 fine each for their antics.

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During the scuffle you can see Thornton giving Reaves a jab to the neck with the butt end of his stick. Reaves who is the toughest player on the Golden Knights isn’t shy to drop the mitts either. Reaves has racked up over 860 penalty minutes in his 576 NHL games.

Sometime after the game Ryan Reaves brother took to twitter to announce his displeasure with the Sharks all-star. Reaves brother Jordan, let the world know what he thinks of the San Jose Sharks and Joe Thornton. Jordan called the Sharks clowns and to keep their energy for the playoffs.

Jordan didn’t stop with Thornton either. The brother also viewed his displeasure with Evander Kane. Labelling Kane a clown and needing a baby sitter on the ice. Jordan Reaves didn’t appear to be holding back at all.

Jordan Reaves, who is a Saskatchewan Roughrider of the CFL didn’t stop at that. When confronted on twitter he lashed out at others. Reave’s called out some anonymous twitter users as well. Strike back at them and correcting their spelling.

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The feud on Twitter hasn’t even been going for a few days and Jordan Reaves continues to troll the users. Labelling people for using fake accounts and calling them too scared to let people read their real names. This feud looks to be one for the books.

We will see how this all plays out as the Sharks and Golden Knights are sitting 2nd and 3rd in the Pacific division respectfully. Should the season end the same way as it sits now they will play each other in the first round. This should be good for some fodder in the social media department as Joe Thornton and Ryan Reaves haven’t said anything publicly about the comments.

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The Sharks which are having a good year are looking to win their first Stanley Cup and the Golden Knights are looking to duplicate their success of last year.

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