Poker Player Drops His Pants On Day 1 Of WSOP Main Event

WSOP Main Event

The 50th edition of the World Series Of Poker went a bit squirrelly on Day 1. The WSOP main event saw one of the poker players drop his pants and toss his shoe at a dealer. 

That’s all just on Day 1! The individual can be seen in the video below going all in and then proceed to get buck wild. What a day at the tables fore-sure. 

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Getting kicked out of the WSOP Main Event wasn’t even the end of this lunatics tirade. He ended up on top of a craps table at the Luxor.

The guy is escorted off the craps table, but not before showing his junk and giving the crowd a good old moon, one last time.

Things tend to get rowdy in Vegas from time to time. You also never know how far the envelope will get pushed.

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