Pink Whitney left off of shelves in Ontario, what the hell Doug Ford?

Pink Whitney
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With all the schemes, dreams and in-betweens it is hard to fathom that a little bit of Vodka isn’t available in Ontario. What Vodka are we talking about? The new Pink Whitney drink from New Amsterdam Vodka.

Why is it surprising that the Ontario Government has dragged its heals on this one? Is it the outrage from the Craft Breweries in the Province that want only the products they make on the shelves? One could only imagine.

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In the world of high stakes liquor sales you have a relatively new brand of Vodka in New Amsterdam. The New Amsterdam Brand of Vodka only launched its product in the United States in 2011. So in the world of Vodka it is relatively new.

New Amsterdam Vodka is described as a Vodka that was five times distilled and three times filtered. This is the Vodka that has, with the help of the boys at Spittin’ Chiclets, released the drink Pink Whitney.

When Doug Ford, the Ontario Premier, was campaigning, he campaigned on the buck a beer platform. He also was widely expected to end the government monopoly over wine and spirit sales. This move would make way for the average corner store or Costco to sell beer, liquor and wine on its shelves.

In Ontario a majority of the booze sales come from the LCBO. This is a government run and operated Liquor Store. We in the draconian province of Ontario only allow a few big retailers and grocery stores sell beer and wine. It is far and few between to see any store other than an LCBO sell hard liquor.

With Ford at the helm we are surprised that this has happened. We can only imagine it hasn’t yet because of the foolish pushback from some of the “radical left wing” politicians in Ontario. Nonetheless even though we can’t enjoy purchasing from a private retailer why the hell haven’t we figured out how to put bottles of the new Pink Whitney drink on shelves in Ontario?

On the latest podcast of Spittin’ Chiclets the team announced they are bringing the drink to Canada. Which is welcomed news since a number of there rabid, cult like fans are dying for a whiff of the succulent Pink Whitney.

During Episode 212 (which was released on October 24th) of the podcast they announced which Provinces in Canada will be stocking the shelves with the popular drink. The drink is coming to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on November 18th. They also disclaimed that it may be a couple days before or after the date, but the target date is the 18th.

Why no Ontario? While making the announcement they said they are “still waiting on approval”. They also ensure that they are working hard on getting those approvals. So what the hell is the hold up? Predictably, Ontario isn’t the only province in Canada that they are having trouble getting into either.

If you look at the list above you notice both Quebec and Ontario are missing. Whats up with Quebec? Given that Quebec is so close to Ontario we wouldn’t mind if they had it also. That way while the Ontario Provincial government slacks off, the great people of this province, can literally drive 15 minutes round trip to enjoy interprovincial commerce.

So what has to happen to make Pink Whitney from New Amsterdam Vodka available in Ontario? We can only assume if fans of the popular Spittin’ Chiclets podcast want Pink Whitney on the shelves of the LCBO they will have to email the Premier Ontario, Doug Ford, and his team of MPP’s.

With valuable shelf space in LCBO stores we can only imagine the hurdles that are being stumbled upon for both sides. Hockey fans, college kids and people alike all want to enjoy the taste of Pink Whitney from New Amsterdam Vodka. Given the brand New Amsterdam appears to already sell in LCBO stores we are disappointed that there is even a hold up at all. Quick note on this though, we can’t find New Amsterdam Vodka anywhere on the LCBO website.

During the pod Paul Bissonnette, who is a former NHL Arizona Coyotes player announced he is doing everything he can to get the product to shelves in Ontario. Biznasty as his cultish fans also know him as said, he is going to everything he can. He also expressed that he wants to find out who makes the decisions at the top and form them that they are going to be doing a ton of charity events.

If you are outraged about the prohibition of the sale of the Pink Whitney Vodka drink in Ontario. Then once again the email addresses to certain MPP’s are listed below. You can email them and let them know you want the Prohibition of the sale of Pink Whitney in Ontario to end.

Doug Ford Premier of Ontario email: , or contact through the website here.

Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade email:

Lisa Macleod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries email: Couldn’t Find. Twitter: @MacLeodLisa

Prabmeet Sarkaria, Associate Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction – Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade email:

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