NHL Goalie Salaries – Top Paid Goaltenders In 2019-20

NHL Goalie Salaries
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If you want to be an NHL goalie you have to put in the work. After that you get paid. These NHL goalie salaries are nothing to sneeze at.

The top paid NHL goaltenders in 2019-20 season won’t be who you think either. Some of these tenders are not even going to make the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. That won’t stop the GM’s from dishing out the cash though.

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NHL goalies are a unique breed of people. Unlike a football quarterback or baseball pitcher this position must earn its keep.

For some strange reason the most important position in the game always drafts low. These goalies rarely get drafted in the first round. Not only that, the position is like wizard trickery.

Let’s be clear here, it appears most teams do not know who will blossom. They also don’t know who will bring them to the promise land.

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We have clear examples of this time and again. Most recently you can look at Jordan Binnington. The guy was a career minor leaguer and came in and brought the Blues to the cup.

Then you can look at goalies like Sergei Bobrovsky. He just signed a major contract but he only won one NHL Stanley Cup Playoff series in his career.

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The NHL goalie salaries are a mystery to figure out. You could sink a ship if you get it wrong. Get the NHL goalie salaries right and you are golden though.

NHL Goalie Salaries – Top Paid Goaltenders In 2019-20

He who stops the pucks makes the bucks!

Corey Schneider $6 Million USD

Corey Schneider is the New Jersey Devils goalie, for now. Schneider is an elite goalie but may not of had the success he wants.

This year may be different though. The Devils look poised to make huge gains.

Corey Crawford $6 Million USD

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Corey Crawford is absolute beauty between the pipes. Crawford has made his mark in Chicago for years now. Even though the team had a minor setback last year, they look positioned to make another good showing this year. With that kinda coin for a goalie they better.

Braden Holtby $6.1 Million USD

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Fresh off of a Stanley Cup victory in 2018 Holtby is one that is in a position to make even more. This NHL goalie will get more and it’s just a matter of time.

Connor Hellebuyck $6,166,666 USD

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Connor will have to work a little harder if he wants more money in the future. He is an outstanding goalie on an under achieving team.

John Gibson $6.4 Million USD

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John Gibson is an elite NHL goalie. This paycheque though… Hopefully the Ducks can turn it around.

Tuukka Rask $7 Million

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Arguably one of the best goalies to play in Boston. Rask has put up phenomenal numbers in the playoffs and hasn’t received the recognition from Boston fans that he deserves. Tuukka would have more cups if the team in front of him was just a little better.

Marc-Andre Fleury $7 Million USD

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Marc-Andre Fleury has rode a wave of success from Pittsburgh to Vegas. He took his team to the finals in 2018 but ran into a destined Capitals team. If he plays well Vegas wins.

Henrik Lundqvist $8.5 Million USD

The King. Broadway. He is a beast and may be one of the best that will probably never win a cup.

Sergei Bobrovsky $10 Million

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For the first time in his career he won a playoff series and it couldn’t of happened at a better time. If this was a one off Florida is in trouble.

Carey Price $10.5 Million USD

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Mr. Montreal. That’s all.

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