Nazem Kadri defends Don Cherry “he’s a great person”

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Contrary to what the “hockey elite” in Canada want you to think, there will be a lineup of players coming out to defend Don Cherry. If you haven’t seen it yet you will soon.

If there is one person who has experience playing and dealing with the fish bowl media in Toronto it’s Nazem Kadri. The kid got roasted almost daily while dawning the blue and white. Not by Grapes though. At one point he even received a kiss by Don Cherry after recording his second career hat trick back in a game against the Ottawa Senators and .

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If Don Cherry or any other Colorado Avalanche players ever had any doubt about how solid Nazem Kadri, they shall look no further. Under the shit storm that has brewed since Sunday he is certainly one of the first to respond and he didn’t pull any punches.

On Tuesday afternoon Nazem Kadri was interviewed by Denver Post reporter Kyle Fredrickson. Kadri has some interesting words to say when asked about the crazy situation.

The interview starts off by Kadri saying “I know Grapes and I don’t think it came across as everyone is making it sound…”. Kadri then went in to say, “… and people maybe took it out of context a little bit.”

This was definitely a different tune than what Ron MacLean was singing on Sunday evening. Kadri 6 years ago thanked Don for having his back when things weren’t going so good, “he picked me up out of the gutter.” Kadri said.

If Don Cherry had ever wondered if Nazem Kadri would have his back well now he knows. Good job Nazem Kadri, you are a stand up guy!

It should also be mentioned that another player that has come out in support of Don Cherry is Dustin Penner. Penner took to Twitter in Remembrance Day to scold the Cancel Culture.

Penner who is a former Anaheim Duck, Edmonton Oiler, Los Angeles King and Washington Capital wasn’t taking anything from the social justice warrior crowd. He went in to call out a ton of hypocrites all day on twitter.

One thing is certain and that many people feel this was unjust and very low class.

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