Mitch Marner Turned Down $11 Million AAV In June

Mitch Marner
Photo Via Instagram @marner_93

Reports are coming out today that the Mitch Marner turned down $11 million AAV in June. The reports are coming out today from TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger.

What ever the case about this matter it is very fascinating to see how the Toronto fans and media are reacting to the new news. This has been a contentious topic around the league as even Boston Bruin forward Brad Marchand chimed in on twitter. During last years season Marchand tweeted $12 AAV better be, with hashtag #MarnerWatch.


As we sit back and watch this situation all unfold we are constantly reminded at how the Leafs caved to RFA William Nylander last season. Although the Nylander elected to sit out a bunch of games the Toronto forward ended up getting $7 million AAV on a deal.

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The frustration is growing in Toronto as they are about to start training camp. With Mitch Marner missing you have to wonder what the hell the Leafs will do. The Toronto Maple Leafs can’t afford to have Mitch Marner sit any of the games due to this nonsense as it will only hurt the Leafs playoff chances.

Last year the Leafs secured a playoff spot with no real pressure, but that was last year. This years Eastern Conference seems to be extremely difficult with many teams improving.

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If you look at how it all ended up last year and with Montreal missing the playoffs by 2 points. To make matters worse for the Leafs, they were only 4 points back of them. This is what has everyone up in arms. The window is small and with the New Jersey Devils improving and the Florida Panthers improving, it could be close for the Leafs.

Only time will tell whats going to happen ion this situation but right now it isn’t looking promising for the buds.

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