Mikko Rantanen out for undisclosed amount of time

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What a night it was for the Colorado Avalanche’s Mikko Rantanen. In a game between the Blues that was looking good early Mikko Rantanen caught an edge on the ice and literally twisted his foot 180 degrees.

The Colorado Avalanche faced their first loss of the season Monday night to the defending Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues. The worst part of the game definitely wasn’t the loss either.

It was in the second period of the game when Rantanen was skating out of his own end without the puck and got his skate caught. The skate which appeared to catch an edge in the ice twisted and so did Rantanen’s leg.

This has to be one of the most unlucky turn of events for a player that we have seen in the big leagues in a while. Colorado vows to move forward though. The Avs have a very skilled team even without Rantanen.

It is unknown how long Mikko Rantanen will be out for but people are estimating weeks not months. The Colorado Avalanche will be in action next on Friday, October 25th when they are in Vegas to face the Golden Knights.

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