Matthew Tkachuk Looks For Payday From A Frugal Calgary Flames

Matthew Tkachuk
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With Mitch Marner signing a deal with the Leafs on Friday evening the stars might soon align for the Calgary Flames. Young Matthew Tkachuk may be the next young RFA to sign as training camp starts.

It appears that all the RFA’s or most of the top tier ones were waiting for the Marner deal to get done. The deal was to set the benchmark on worth.

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Tkachuk should be next on the signing list as the Flames head to training camp and start preseason. The young American stud and his agent have work definitely cut out for them though. As the Flames are a frugal bunch when it comes to paying players.

For evidence of this you don’t have to look to far back than the deal that Johnny Gaudreau got. Gaudreau was paid a 6 year $6.75 Million Dollar AAV contract. Which is a very team friendly contract.

In fact the Calgary Flames have a number of team friendly contracts. The other notable one is the Sean Monahan contract with 4 years remaining at a $6.375 AAV.

Mark Giordano is another Flame with an AAV of just $6.75 million. His contract is set to expire in 2022. The contract is a steal considering his Norris Trophy winning performance last season.

Back to Matthew Tkachuk though. What should he expect to be paid? Will he take a discount to play for the Stanley Cup contending Calgary’s Flames? Should he?

We don’t think he should take a discount, but what are his expectations? As the NHL TV deal is set to expire at the end of the 2021-2022 season and the hard salary cap set to go up north of $100,000,000 are we going to see a short term deal?

The short term deal is risky but players betting on themselves is a recent trend. Also the Calgary Flames are coming off of a fantastic regular season but disappointing playoffs.

The Flames haven’t won a cup since 1989 and came close in 2004. The Flames are looking to lock up some talent to make a run in the near future.

One of the problems that the Flames face is having a young team. In the Western Conference the parity isn’t like the East so you still have a shot.

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Nonetheless Tkachuk needs to get paid. His performance while on his entry level contract has been beautiful.

Matthew Tkatchuk’s performance gave him 77 points with 34 tucks during the regular season. Topped off with a solid +14 in the plus/minus department.

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His ability to get under the skin of some NHL stars was also a plus. Playing fearless and rough and still putting up numbers in this days NHL isn’t easy.

What is that worth to the Flames management though? At the end of the day he is far more valuable than Toronto’s William Nylander, but paying him a $7 million AAV would make him the highest paid Calgary Flame.

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Matthew Tkachuk’s realistic number with the Flames could be anywhere from $7.0 Million AAV to $8.0 Million AAV. This would also depend on the length of the term.

If Tkachuk is looking for long term he will probably want to go north of $8 million, but the Flames realistically won’t and can’t do that.

According to CapFriendly the Flames only have $7.06 Million left in cap space this year. Which isn’t enough to get the deal done unless the Tkachuk camp takes a discount or signs on the lower end of a short term deal.

Whatever the case may be we are expected to know soon what’s going on. Flames fans do not want the same drama as the Leafs went through with Nylander last year.

How ever this ends up, we will see Matthew Tkachuk being the highest paid Calgary Flame on the ice this season.

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