Maple Leafs choke in wild Saturday night against Montreal

Mitch Marner Salary

During a wild Saturday night in the NHL, we saw another choke by the supposed-to-be promising Toronto Maple Leafs. Starting out like a runaway train, the Maple Leafs instead came to a screeching halt by night’s end.

During the first intermission of the Maple Leafs game, Don Cherry shared his thoughts about the club’s future in the regular season, as well as in the playoffs. Cherry praised the team for being a good regular season team but ended the segment by saying they wouldn’t win the Stanley Cup. Reason being? Because they don’t have enough Canadians on the team.

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During his segment of Coach’s Corner on Saturday he once again was able to trigger all the Toronto fans who don’t understand what makes the game of hockey so great.

The Leafs, in the beginning of the game, were in the midst of putting on a classic demonstration on Saturday, repeatedly firing the puck passed one of the best goalies in the league, Carey Price.

It was 1-0 for Montreal when Auston Matthews decided to turn it up and pop one home. The goal was Matthews’ fourth of the year and was assisted by Reilly and Ceci.

Next it was Kerfoot’s turn to give the Buds a lead. The onslaught continued and the Leafs added three more to break ahead 4-1 in the game.

With Nylander posting home the fourth goal the Canadiens had seen enough. What looked like a Saturday night at the park for Toronto actually turned into a nightmare.

Montreal started the march back with Drouin getting the ball rolling.

When the Canadiens took the lead 5-4 they thought they were going to be able to finish it off without going into overtime.

Fortunately for the Leafs, they were able to tie it up and salvage at least a point in this match. Especially after having such a commanding lead for almost the entire game.

The overtime period solved nothing and the game went into a shootout. In the end, it was the Montreal’s Paul Byron that was able to solve the goalie and secure the game for the Habs.

The Leafs are going to have to learn how to shut down a team when they have the lead. They also have to learn how to win while playing a backup. This may be the third game of the year but with the parity in the Eastern Conference this one could come back to bite them.

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