Lenny Dykstra Goes Dumpster Diving To Get Teeth

Lenny Dykstra loses dentures in dumpster

In a bizarre situation that happened at a Jersey Mike’s Subs establishment. Former Hall of Fame Baseball Player Lenny Dykstra goes dumpster diving to get teeth out of dumpster. The teeth apparently cost him 80 grand and he wasn’t leaving them behind.

Dykstra who has been known to get a little wild to say the least was eating his sub when he said the bread was so hard that he had to take out his dentures. What type of bread is so hard that you have to gum it to chew it? Nonetheless when he took this out he placed them in a napkin on at his table and wrapped it up.

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After enjoying the sub he booked it from the place so fast that he forgot about his teeth that he left on the napkin. Reports have said that Dykstra was about 2 miles from his home when he had to turn around to go back for his teeth.

The baseball legend was not alone for this adventure either. He was with a tag team wrestler that goes by the name of “Sprinkles The Clown”. Sprinkles as you could call him sent out a call foe anyone and everyone to come out and help Dykstra and him find the missing $80 Thousand Dollar teeth.

Luckily Dykstra didn’t have to take further action as he found his teeth early the next morning. You could say it was a Fathers Day present because not only did he find his teeth but he didn’t get arrested.

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