Kane Gets Ejected For Being Stupid

Kane Ejected
Photo via Instagram @vegasgoldenknights

What a rivalry the Vegas Golden Knights and San Jose Sharks have forged in the past few seasons. The temperature rises every time these teams seem to play and Sunday was no different. This time though Evander Kane Was ejected for… well… being stupid.

When Deryk Engelland appeared to frustrate the San Jose Sharks star, Kane lost control and acted like a complete moron. Kane who was eventually ejected because of the incident started swinging his stick and shoved a linesman.

The linesman wasn’t having any of that. The officials immediately ejected Kane. Proceeding the incident Kane can be seen chirping from the back of the bench before eventually leaving for the showers.

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In the video you can see Engelland holding Kanes stick prior to the overreaction. It is unsure what the real reason for the outburst was by Kane. You can’t possibly believe that holding a stick was the real reason he snapped.

The league hasn’t said how they are going to deal with the issue. What we do know is that any physical abuse to an official will probably result in some sort of suspension.

The last player to intentionally hit an official was given a stiff suspension. A few years ago the NHL suspended Dennis Wideman for his hit on an official.

Wideman insisted that the hit was accidental but nonetheless the league came down hard. It will be interesting to see how this is handled given it was preseason and the initial slash on the ref appeared to be accidental.

While Kane may have Lady Luck on his side the San Jose Sharks didn’t. The Golden Knights gave a good 5-1 thumping to the Sharks.

Vegas also set a huge preseason attendance record in the game last night. In total the attendance at T-Mobile arena peaked at 18,131.

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