Jeremy Roenick suspended by NBC for comments on Spittin’ Chiclets

Roenick suspended
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It’s a weird time to be alive and 2019 has claimed another victim on Monday. It was revealed on Monday that Jeremy Roenick was suspended for comments he made on Spittin’ Chiclets Podcast.

The length of the Jeremy Roenick suspension was not given, but he is definitely suspended. You may wonder what the comments he made were. The suspension which comes out of the blew after the podcast has some undeserved mix reactions. 

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During the podcast Jermey Roenick made comments about coworker, Kathryn Tappen. It is also not known if she was the one who initiated any complaints about Roenick’s comments. Those comments which appeared to be “off the cuff” came from a story he was telling about a time he and his wife were in Portugal with the coworker. 

What Roenick said was, “I play it off like we’re going to bed together every night, the three of us,” Roenick then followed up with,  “If it really came to fruition, that would be really good, but it’s never going to happen.”

Whatever the case is between Roenick and NBC, she wasn’t the only one he talked about. During the interview he also described how he thought coworker Patrick Sharp was good looking.

This all seems to be nonsense. During the interview he also pumped the tires of his female coworker and described how they had a great working relationship. How could you not believe him. 

You can come to your own conclusion if you want and listen to the entire Spittin Chiclets episode and interview if you want right here. We suggest you do because this is getting ridiculous. 

It seems the political correct police are in full force and have cross hairs on the NHL, it’s commentators and it’s fans. People need to lighten up. 

We aren’t sure how this is going to affect the Podcast either or if this will deter future guests. This may be something to watch as Barstool Sports is no stranger to the PC police. 

Just take a look at how some of these wing nuts praise the decision of NBC. 

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