Is Phil Kessel The NHL’s Poker God?

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Every year around this time thousands of people, including Phil Kessel, from around the world descend on Las Vegas. The reason, the World Series of Poker.

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While attending the star studded events you often see familiar people. These people include actors, athletes and also people of general interest. They are all vying for the coveted poker bracelets in their respected events.

The NHL which is packed full of high stakes gamblers. With long plane rides in the pros to long bus trips in the minors. These professional athletes like to gamble.

Which brings us to Phil Kessel. According to the World Series of Poker website Phil Kessel has crashed 6 different times.

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This makes Kessel a poker player with some clout.

So, is Phil Kessel the NHL’s poker god? We can’t answer that definitively, but he may in fact be.

Phil Kessel’s career earnings at the WSOP are $17,022. He has 6 cashes and has played in numerous events since 2013.

Kessel’s biggest tournament that he cashed in was the $2500 No Limit Holdem Event Number 43 in 2018. He also cashed this year in the $1500 event number 40 Pot Limit Holdem.

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Have you ever seen any other NHL players in the WSOP? If so have they cashed in different events 7 out of 8 years? It is hard to think of one that has.

We look forward to seeing Phil Kessel at a final table in the near future. Hopefully with a hotdog and maybe sponsored by a hotdog company.

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