Is Mike Commodore For The People Or Full Of Himself?

Mike Commodore for the people
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The retired NHL Stanley Cup Champion has had some interesting tweets in 2019. That begs the question, is Mike Commodore for the people or full of himself?

Since the middle of the 2018-2019 season Mike Commodore has been on a mission. His mission has been to break the news on trades. 

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During the 2019 trade deadline and a bit earlier he decided to start tweeting with what he calls insiderrr information. 

To his credit the For the people mantra at which he is hanging his hat on has been correct. Commodore tweeted that he wanted to break at least 3 trades in the 2019 season and it seems like he has or is starting to live up to his newly created reputation.

Commodore correctly predicted the Marc Stone trade to Vegas. He tweeted out to Stone informing him to #packyourshit because he is going to Sin City. 

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On Trade deadline day in 2019, hours before the trade, Commodore tweeted to Stone, “…#packyourshit and fly to Sin City…”. that was a for the people moment if you weren’t paying attention.

As we now know, the prediction came through and minutes before the deadline Stone was headed for Vegas. 

Commodore doesn’t always get the team right but he certainly has a line on what players are getting dealt. He starts off with a simple the phone is buzzing and then unloads a furry of information. 

He correctly let the people know about Wayne Simmons’s leaving Philly. Although he predicted the trade would be to Winnipeg. He also had Stone originally going to Winnipeg. Maybe the Winnipeg source isn’t so good or the Jets were actually looking to make some huge moves last year. 

Wayne Simmonds did end up getting traded to the Nashville Predators. We will give Commodore that one for the people. 

Commodore didn’t stop there. He correctly added another prediction to his belt. The former Stanley Cup Champion told Gustav Nyquist to pack his shit because he was heading to San Jose. He also predicted he would be traded for some draft picks. This happened hours before the trade ended up taking place. 

Most recently the insiderrr’s phone started buzzing with talk of Nazeem Kadri.  Commodore broke the news of a deal with Kadri to the Calgary Flames. 

Now that this has yet to be seen, we know 2 things. The first is that Commodore has been correct in his predictions of players being traded. The second thing we know is that he doesn’t always get the team right. 

We will soon find out if Kadri is going to “pack his shit” because everyone knows the Leafs are in a cap crunch and they want to sign Mitch Marner. 

Commodore left us hanging Saturday evening though when he tweeted out that the phone was buzzing. This didn’t come before another prediction though. Commodore had one more for the people before the night was done. 

He announced the “2 dirty Russians” Panarin and Bobrovsky would be going to Long Island. It has been common knowledge that the 2 were looking at a package signing and it is believed to be in Florida. We have to wonder if the insiderrr is getting his wires crossed. 

The Islanders have also been linked to going after Mitch Marner so we will see how this one plays out. If one thing is for sure it is that you should be following Mike Commodore on twitter and when he tweets that his phone is buzzing… get ready for some action. 

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