Hockey Players Eat Steak And This Is Where We Get Ours


When it’s off season time most hockey players have to fill the calorie bank in order to grow during training. Hockey players eat steak to do this and this is where we get ours.

Before I get into the blog deeper than what is expected. I want to tell you a little bit about where we buy some of our meet products. 

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If you live in Ontario like we do then you are in luck. We found a great company that sends you meat directly by mail. We also have used this company so we aren’t just talking shit.

The company is called Meat With Me. If you want to check out what type of meat they sell you can access it by clicking here. That’s not all if you do decide to use there service you can be granted a free $25 credit for Meat With Me when you spend $99. Use coupon REFE4YCQ6RQYW

Now that you can get that great package of meat we hope you enjoy it. Hockey players don’t only eat steak though. They eat chicken and all types of food that helps the body grow. 

Nutrition has become a big part of sports and eating healthy is optimum to keep energy levels high during the off-season workouts and during the hockey season. 

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When and if you order from Meat With Me you will get to choose between many different cuts of beef and also have the opportunity to get chicken. 

They have different type of packages you can get and have different ordering frequencies. When we ordered we just did a one time order. We ordered on a Saturday and the meat was delivered on Thursday morning. The meat came individually sealed and packaged in dry ice. 

This dry ice kept the meat frozen so we didn’t have to rush home to receive it. We also just purchased the $99 package. This package gave a great selection of product that we picked from their selection of foods. We had enough that we ate steak throughout the week. 

If you live a very hectic lifestyle, as most hockey parents do. You will love the convenience of placing your order online and it being shipped directly to your door. 

We loved it so much that we decided to write a blog about it. 

Full disclosure on the blog post though. We want to let you know that if you do order your food through the website and use the promo code above that we will receive a credit towards the great food that they offer. 

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