Hockey Picks – Thursday December 5th, 2019

Hockey Picks

Today we are making our hockey picks based on a bit more of logic than just a whim. We looked at some of the variables which included who was starting in net, games in a row and record of team at home and away.

We have our picks below for the straight up win or loss. Our pick will be highlighted in bold.

Hockey Picks for Thursday December 5th, 2019

Arizona Coyotes at Philadelphia Flyers

Vegas Golden Knights at New York Islanders

New York Rangers at Columbus Blue Jackets

Chicago Black Hawks at Boston Bruins

Minnesota Wild at Tampa Bay Lightning

Colorado Avalanche at Montreal Canadiens

San Jose Sharks at Carolina Hurricanes

Winnipeg Jets at Dallas Stars

Buffalo Sabres at Calgary Flames

This should be an interesting night and some of these decisions are basically a coin flip.

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