Greatest Sean Avery Quotes Of All Time

Sean Avery was a great and gritty hockey player. Sean understood how to get fans to the game and how to entertain. During his time in the NHL some of the greatest Sean Avery quotes of all time were produced.

Sean Avery was a unique hockey player. What made him unique wasn’t that he played with heart and passion is was his ability to get under the skin of his opponents. One game against the New Jersey Devils he had one of the all time greatest goalies so rattled that the league took action.

At the time many hockey fans thought it was just Avery being Avery, but when the league made the Sean Avery rule for pulling that stunt it got real. Sean Avery and Brodeur had personal battles with each other that were epic and produced amazing quotes.

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Sean Avery Quotes

Sean Avery Quote about Islander fans with return of John Tavares

During the 2018 season the New York Islanders made a decision to not trade John Tavares and in exchange they thought he would bargain in good faith during the summer. In the summer when Tavares contract was up he ended up signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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Tavares was the New York Islanders franchise player and when he returned to the arena with the Leafs all fans mayhem ensued. After the game Sean Avery, who is a former New York Ranger, had this to say about the New York Islander fans.

“You fucking greasy Islander fucks. You guys get out-cheered in your own barn by Rangers fans every time the Rangers play the Islanders in Long Island”

Sean Avery

Sean Avery didn’t stop with that one notable quote from the video. We compiled one more from this instance that will go down in history.

Sean Avery on New York Islander fans treated John Tavares when returning as a Toronto Maple Leaf.

It is very apparent that in Sean Avery’s time in the NHL he had many thoughts about certain players and buildings that he kept to himself.

“Tavares played 10 years in that fucking dump, with those shitty fans”

Sean Avery

As we witnessed in the video above, Sean Avery wasn’t a stranger of holding back anything.

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The fun is just starting to get rolling on this list. You can see the next Sean Avery quote below.

“Let’s just see if Colin Campbell finally does something about this stuff and doesn’t give him three games like he gave that other meat head from New Jersey”

Sean Avery

Avery appeared to be frustrated with some of the discipline Colin Campbell use to give out. Sean Avery himself was no stranger to the discipline from the league.

“Young guys are a little dumb, they don’t know what’s going on half the time”

Sean Avery

Whatever Sean Avery had to do to get into his opponents head he did. Sean played the game with the savage attitude that is lacking in todays scripted interviews.

Sean Avery on swinging your stick like a club

“I think that’s just as bad as what Marty McSorley did to Brashear, you can’t just two-hand a guy in the face with your stick”

Sean Avery

Avery’s reference to the McSorley tow hander two Brashear’s head is another one you wouldn’t hear today. If you can’t remember the wild, vicious two hander the video is below.

That was a wild slash which led to all types of mayhem after. Not only was the mayhem with the slash but rule changes followed. Sean Avery was right on this one. You can’t just take a two hander to some guys melon.

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Sean Avery on French guys acting tough in the NHL

“Typical of most French guys in our league with a visor on, running around and playing tough and not backing it up”

Sean Avery

Sean Avery was known for his agitating and instigating nature. Avery was tough as nails though and didn’t mind the altercations. What Avery didn’t like is when a player would try and be an agitator and run around the ice pulling cheap shots then running away.

“Everyone talks about how unclassy I am and fatso there just forgot to shake my hand I guess”

Sean Avery

During a wild playoff series between the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils Avery got in the Devils goalie head. The NHL was forced to step in and develop a rule that you weren’t allowed to screen the goalie by facing the goalie and waving your hands.

Many of Sean Avery’s critics didn’t like the antics that he had pulled with Brodeur and tried to scold him for it. For Avery this type of controversy just made him thrive.

In the NHL you shake hands after the playoff series and that is tradition. When Avery stood in line to shake the other teams hand Martin Brodeur was obviously still rattled about the incident and refused to shake his hand.

Later on in an interview when Avery was asked about that he just responded accordingly by pointing out the obvious.


Sean Avery on other players dating his ex-girlfriends

“I just want to comment on how it’s become a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds”

Sean Avery

When Sean Avery played for the Dallas Stars he didn’t stop his controversial attitude. Sean Avery gave one of the most memorable quotes ever to grace the game of hockey.

Some people can’t understand what Sean was trying to do but in his book, OFFSIDE, he talks about it. The Dallas Stars were about to play the Calgary Flames when he walked in the dressing room and asked for a reporter. The reporters came over not knowing what he was about to do.

What happened next was just Sean Avery trying to get in his opponents head.

Sean Avery was referencing his past relationship with Elisha Cuthbert. At the time Calgary Defenseman Dion Pheneuf was dating Cuthbert. If thats not getting in the kitchen of your opponent I am not sure what is.

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