Former Sudbury Wolves player Akim Aliu drops bombshell accusations

Akim Aliu
Photo via Instagram @dreamer_aliu78

The hockey world has been in a constant state of drama over the past few weeks and that didn’t end on Monday evening. Former Sudbury Wolves player Akim Aliu tweeted something intense accusations toward Calgary Flames coach Bill Peters.

In a furry of tweets Aliu accuses the former coach of dropping the N-Bomb at him because of his choice of music. Aliu didn’t end there. He continued in multiple tweets afterwards saying that he rebelled and asked “wouldn’t you?”.

Akim went on to describe his short stint with the Calgary Flames. He noted his stats of being on pace for 20 goals as a 20 year old. 

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Akim Aliu went on to state that his coach sent a letter to John McDonough and Stan Bowman that ultimately had him sent down to the ECHL. 

There was certainly mixed reaction to his tweets with one person tweeting, so the proof. 

Also another tweet reply that questioned Aliu’s talent and accusing him of using the race card.

Not all the tweets were vicious though. Some praised Aliu for spilling the beans. One tweeter said it made them “sick to my stomach”. 

Whatever the situation is, TSN is reporting that the Calgary Flames are taking these accusations very seriously. The Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving told reporters Monday. “I would say we take these matters very, very seriously. Until such time as we have a chance to speak about it internally, we obviously want to address you people – we’re aware of it, made aware of it during the game here this evening. And like I said, I haven’t had a chance to talk to Bill. I will be doing that and until such time we won’t have any further comment about it but we will address it and get back to you people once we have a chance to address it internally.”

You can find the entire TSN article right here.

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