Flyers Drop Ball In Final Preseason Game Against Swiss Team

Flyers Preseason
Photo via Instagram @lausannehc_officiel

The Philadelphia Flyers finished the 2019 preseason on a sour note Monday evening, losing to the Swiss team Lausanne HC in a 4-3 decision.

When the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers went over to Europe to play in a preseason game they probably couldn’t have imagined the outcome. Unfortunately for the NHL club that’s exactly what happened.

The Global Series Challenge is an intricate part of the growth strategy for the NHL and great way for fans in other regions see their favorite players hit the ice.

When the Flyers roll into town and take one on the chin it might be slightly embarrassing for them, but for the fans in Switzerland it is like witnessing the winning of the Stanley Cup.

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Certainly, the game didn’t start off the way the Flyers wanted it to. Right from the get-go, the home crowd and team were buzzing.

Riding on good energy, the Lausanne HC jumped out to an early lead when Yannick Herren picked up the rebound on a high shot to Carter Hart.

The surprising start turned out to be instrumental in the victory. The Swiss team added 2 more goals in the first frame as they jumped out to a 3-0 lead.

The additional two goals for the Lausanne HC were potted by Cory Emmerton and Joel Genazzi.

Lausanne didn’t stop at that. Midway through the second period, an absolute beauty of a one timer by Joel Vermin destroyed Carter Hart.

After the goal, the Philadelphia Flyers had seen enough and gave Carter Hart the yank. This seemed to fire up the squad as they started to make a march back into the game.

The Flyers Giroux sparked the club and got the Flyers on the board in the second. In a play a short time later, the captain Giroux was also awarded a penalty shot. The Flyers star failed to capitalize and the game stayed 4-1 heading into the third.

With the Flyers unwilling to be completely outdone, they made a late push and added 2 more goals. Unfortunately, it didn’t prove to be enough and they ended up losing the wildly entertaining game by a score of 4-3.

One of the bright highlights of this game for Philadelphia was the play of Brian Elliot, though. He came in and seemingly shut the door to giving the Flyers a chance. Even though this was just preseason, the staff probably wasn’t too happy.

If the Flyers are going to have success this year they will have to step up their game.

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