Exclusive Winnipeg Jets Gear For Fans

The NHL Jets fans are are a loud and enthusiastic bunch. During the NHL Playoffs there will be exclusive Winnipeg Jets gear for fans on display inside and outside of the arena. The Winnipeg Jets are looking to make a long run during the 2019 playoffs. With this new gear ready to pump up the crowd, fans inside the tiny arena will be ready to help this team do just that.

The Winnipeg Jets gear has been flying off shelves in Winnipeg since the team has rejoined the NHL. This years edition of the “White Out” will be great as it’s anyone’s game in the Western Conference. If you are looking for a Canadian hockey team to cheer for that has a chance to run deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs, then the Winnipeg Jets could be your team. This exclusive Winnipeg Jets gear for fans of the Jets will include Jets Shirt, Jets Hat, Jets Hoodie, Jets Sweatshirt and Jets apparel for online shopping.

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New Winnipeg Jets Jerseys

Women’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded White Breakaway – Custom Jersey

These women’s white jersey’s are perfect to wear at the game. You can also show your support for the team wearing this in any local establishment!

Men’s Winnipeg Jets adidas Navy Authentic Pro – Blank Jersey

This authentic jersey is great. Many Jets fans will be envious of your nameless jersey. You can where these anywhere.

Men’s Fanatics Branded Patrik Laine Navy Winnipeg Jets Breakaway Player Jersey

Patrik Laine isn’t the first Finnish star to don the blue and white but he is certainly one of the best. In the 2018 – 2019 season he is racking up the points. This year he has already reached the 30 goal plateau and the season still has a few games remaining. Watch out for him in the playoffs.

Men’s Winnipeg Jets Mark Scheifele Fanatics Branded Navy Breakaway – Player Jersey

Mark Scheifele is a staple to the Winnipeg Jets. The 26 year old centre from Kitchener, Ontario will definitely be proud to see you wear his jersey.

Youth Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Blue Breakaway – Custom Jersey

This youth jersey is the perfect gift for the young Jets fan. Many Jets fans would love to have their child wear this at school or even at hockey practice. You can get your custom number and name on the back to feel like you’re a part of the team.

Men’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded White Breakaway – Custom Jersey

This white jersey is going to be perfect to wear to the Jets home games. The jets are notorious for having the “White Out” for which you will need to wear a white shirt.

Men’s Winnipeg Jets adidas Camo Authentic Practice – Jersey

This camo jersey is perfect for the hunting enthusiast or someone looking to for a jersey that’s off the beaten path. This will be a hit at the hunt camp in Northern Manitoba.

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Winnipeg Jets Third Jersey

Women’s Fanatics Branded Blue Winnipeg Jets Alternate Breakaway Custom Jersey

This women’s third jersey is perfect for women hockey fans that already own a home and away version. Most fans will envy your third jersey.

Men’s Winnipeg Jets adidas Blue Alternate Authentic Jersey

The Authentic Men’s third jersey is perfect for all Winnipeg Jets fans. It features the the team name across the chest instead of the regularly used logo. This one is sure to be a classic.

Preschool Winnipeg Jets Patrik Laine Blue Alternate Replica Player Jersey

Your preschooler will absolutely love if you dress him up in this jersey; he can be a L’il Laine to friends and family! The Patrick Laine jersey is absolutely stunning and is a rare find.

Infant Winnipeg Jets Blue Alternate Replica Jersey

This replica jersey will be perfect for your infant NHLer. The little one will light up the daycare with this baby…and maybe he or she will light up some scoreboards one day, too!

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Winnipeg Jets T Shirt

Women’s Fanatics Branded Navy Winnipeg Jets Air Tri-Blend V-Neck T-Shirt

The perfect V-Neck or tailgating ladies! She’ll be looking lovely while working the grill in this one! This could also be a great hockey gift for the fan queen in your life.

Men’s Fanatics Branded Navy Winnipeg Jets Disney Mickey’s True Original Arch T-Shirt

Two greats on one tee! This Disney and Winnipeg Jets crossover t-shirt is sure to draw compliments from fans of unique NHL gear and those that really dig Mickey Mouse. This shirt doubles down on awesomeness.

Women’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Navy/Heathered Gray Iconic – Tri-Blend 3/4-Sleeve T-Shirt

The 3/4 sleeve shirt is perfect for the spring and fall weather. If you are a Jets fan and want to show off your Jets gear this one is perfect for you.

Women’s Fanatics Branded Black Winnipeg Jets Lovely Plus Size V-Neck T-Shirt

This is another of the V-Neck T-Shirts the Jets have for their fans. You will absolutely love this. You can wear this in all 4 seasons and its perfect for going to a Jets game in.

Women’s Winnipeg Jets adidas White 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Jet Stream – T-Shirt

This women’s White Out shirt makes it easy to join in the fun without making things hard on the wallet. for The whiteout shirt will be on full display in the playoffs.

Men’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Navy Team Lockup – T-Shirt

This navy blue mens t-shirt features the Winnipeg logo front and center with Jets emblazoned underneath. The addition of the maple leaf just gives one more reason to get this one today.

Youth Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded White 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Bound White Out T-Shirt

Your child wearing this white tee will stand out in a crowd…unless you’re at a big game, in which case you may want to handcuff them to your arm because you just might not find them again in that crowd.

Men’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Heathered Gray Heritage – Tri-Blend T-Shirt

A casual Winnipeg Jets tee shirt with a distressed lettering and logo treatment across the front. Show your team loyalty and wear this today.

Women’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Navy Primary Logo – Long Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

This simple and stylish long sleeve t-would look great on any female Winnipeg Jets fan. The shirt features a Jets logo on the front, showing off her team spirit!

Women’s Fanatics Branded Navy Winnipeg Jets Personalized Assist Tri-blend T-Shirt

A super sporty shirt that you can customize. Every woman who is a true Jets fan would love to “join the team” and put their own name on the back or they could personalize it with the name of their favorite NHL player.

Men’s Winnipeg Jets adidas Navy Heavily Used Long Sleeve – T-Shirt

This long sleeve heavily used tee has the team name and logo looking up front and looking strong. Fan up in this one on a chilly day and You’ll be cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.

Men’s adidas Navy Winnipeg Jets Local Dassler climalite Performance T-Shirt

The entire Winnipeg Jets history is a story fuelled by passion. Be a part of that story and show off that same fire that makes the Jets such a great NHL team.

Men’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Heathered Gray/Navy True Classics – Long Sleeve Henley T-Shirt

This long sleeve shirt is the one you want. This is a perfect shirt to wear to school or hockey or another activity. You will love showing off your love of the Winnipeg Jets in this shirt.

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Winnipeg Jets Hoodie

Women’s Fanatics Branded Navy Winnipeg Jets Iconic Collection We Are Pullover Hoodie

Perfect women’s hoodie for the cold Manitoba winters. Show your love of the Jets and get this hoodie.

Women’s Fanatics Branded Heathered Gray Winnipeg Jets Plus Sizes Team Distressed Pullover Hoodie

This Jets Hoodie has the logo on the front and in the middle. You will love that it looks faded out. The design is perfect for the trendy Winnipeg Jets fan.

Women’s Winnipeg Jets G-III 4Her by Carl Banks Gray Halftime Pullover Hoodie

This Jets hoodie shows the jets alternative logo. This is rare and will most likely make you stand out as an authentic Jets fan.

Youth Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Navy – Pullover Hoodie

Dress your child right. Give him the freedom to wear his navy blue branded Winnipeg Jets hoodie. This is perfect for the winter in Manitoba or anywhere in Canada for that matter.

Men’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Heathered Gray/Navy Team Logo Tri-Blend – Pullover Hoodie

Like the women’s version of this hoodie you will look superior to your buddies. This faded logo hoodie makes it look like you never take it off. Thus making you the ultimate Winnipeg Jets fan with the ultimate Winnipeg Jets gear.

Men’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Navy/Heathered Navy Made to Move Color Blast – Pullover Hoodie

Proudly display the Jets symbole with the maple leaf. The jets are a Canadian team and that means Canadians should get behind them if they become the last Canadian team standing in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Women’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Navy Indestructible – Pullover Hoodie

This is a perfect hoodie. Your indestructible shirt is not only amazing but will make you feel like the queen of the rink in Winnipeg.

Men’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Navy/Heathered Gray Breakaway – Lace-Up Pullover Hoodie

Perfect hoodie for the Jets fan. This hoodie has the strings that mimic the jersey and is perfect for the rink.

Youth Winnipeg Jets Navy Asset Lace-Up – Pullover Hoodie

This pullover hoodie is what you want to wear to the rink on the cold winter mornings. You will not only be thankful but people will see your team loyalty.

Women’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Navy Authentic Pro Rinkside Transitional – Pullover Hoodie

If you are a runner and a Winnipeg Jets fan then this is for you. You will be stylish and cozy as you jog in the cooler months.

Women’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Navy/Heathered Navy Made to Move Color Blast – Full-Zip Hoodie

Amazing women’s Winnipeg Jets jacket. This jacket is again perfect for running or going out in the spring and fall. You will be happy you purchased this and a s a Jets fan you will have pride wearing it.

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Winnipeg Jets Gifts

Men’s Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Branded Red/Khaki Oh Canada Trucker – Adjustable Snapback Hat

Hats aren’t rare but a red Winnipeg Jets hat certainly is. You will want this hat to stand out from the rest. You will certainly love it.

Winnipeg Jets Silver 24oz. Puck Grip Stainless Steel Double Wall Travel Mug

Travelling to the Winnipeg Jets game? You will want to fill this up before you do. The stainless steel mug is perfect for some Tim Horton’s coffee on the way to the game or work.

Winnipeg Jets Sportula

Your back yard grill is not complete without this spatula. The stainless steel flipper that allows you to embed the Jets logo on your burger is a beautiful edition to the back yard.

Winnipeg Jets Fanatics Authentic Mahogany Framed Logo Jersey Display Case

If you have any one of the Jersey’s above and you don’t want to wear them you will want to hang them up. If you do hang the jersey’s up you will want to have it in this protective case. The protective case is also a good idea if you have an autographed jersey.

Winnipeg Jets 6oz. Stainless Steel Hip Flask – Silver

Sometimes you need to sneak a drink in. You will have this flask and it will come in handy. You will love it. Most of all this Winnipeg Jets flask is perfect for when in the hunting tree stand.

Winnipeg Jets Newborn & Infant Personalized Bib – White

Your future Winnipeg Jets fan will love that you got them this. Winnipeg Jets fans will want their baby to be identified as a fan on day one.

Winnipeg Jets Personalized Small Gift Basket – White

Do you have a Winnipeg Jets fan as a friend? If you do and if they just had a child then this is perfect. You can personalize a small gift basket for any Winnipeg Jets fan.

Winnipeg Jets Personalized Baby Blanket – White

Every mother who is a Jets fan will want to wrap their baby up in this blanket. You and baby will be happy in the Jets blanket.

Winnipeg Jets Infant Personalized Robe – White

How awesome is it when your little one comes walking out in his or her personalized robe. This is a perfect gift for the kid that already has tons of Jets Gear and will love this. Your Jets robe would also make a perfect Christmas gift.

Winnipeg Jets 24oz. Acrylic Travel Tumbler

If you are travelling any time soon then this will make your day. Show all the people wherever you go that you are a die hard Winnipeg Jets fan.

Winnipeg Jets 27″ x 18″ 2-Pack Vinyl Car Mat Set

Every Winnipeg Jets fan will want to have their car mat set with the Jets logo on it. You or the Jets fan in your household will be ecstatic you have these for them.

Winnipeg Jets Fairway Stand Golf Bag

When on the golf course and in front of your buddies you will want to show off this amazing Winnipeg Jets Golf Bag. The bag is plastered with the Jets logo and will be a hit at any golf club.

Winnipeg Jets Golf Umbrella

If you have the golf bag you might as well get the umbrella. The Canadian summers alway seem to have a little bit of rain. The umbrella is perfect for the golfer who loves the Jets.

Winnipeg Jets ORCA 40-Quart Hard-Sided Cooler

Whether you are tailgating at the hockey game or at a football game you will need this cooler. You can also bring it to camp and be the talk of the part. Everyone who has their booze or beer in you cooler will be reminded how awesome Winnipeg is every time they want a drink.

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