Don Cherry has a new podcast coming out and we won’t have to wait long to hear it

Don Cherry Podcast

It was announced by Joe Warmington in the Toronto Sun Monday around dinner time that Don Cherry has a new podcast coming out. The Don Cherry podcast will be called The Grapevine. 

It didn’t take long since Don’s firing by Sportsnet only a week ago. This may be a new world with a ton of backlash for anything the PC Culture doesn’t find appropriate. Fortunately for fans of Don Cherry there are other options. 

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The podcast that will be dropping every Monday throughout the hockey season with the first episode hitting the podcast world Tuesday. Podcasts are becoming a popular medium for hockey fans to hear about news and views of hockey players across the world. 

We don’t have to look far either to see how popular one of the pioneers of Hockey Podcasts have become. That podcast is the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast by Barstool Sports. 

If Don Cherry and his podcast plans to be as remotely popular as the Spittin’ Chiclets one he is definitely going to have to do visual content. Over the past 38 years we have heard “Grapes” talk about many stories but without the visual content it will be difficult to get his hockey knowledge across to the hundreds of thousands of fans he already has. 

This will be only one initial barrier we can foresee about this. Nonetheless we think the folks over at Sportsnet were a little surprised with the amount of outrage that had come from the Cherry dismissal. 

We will see if that can translate into people tuning in to a weekly podcast. The demographics might not fit but we will soon find out. 

Hopefully this works out because even though the game is changing we still have and need the elements of the old style of hockey. Regardless of what the newer generation has to say about that. If it were up to many of the hockey people that are “woke” and have social media platforms we wouldn’t have hitting or fighting in this new era. 

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