Don Cherry Fired as culture war heats up in Canada

Don Cherry Fired

Today is November 11th 2019 and it is Remembrance Day in Canada. Ironically enough it is the day Don Cherry gets fired. It didn’t take long for the host of Coach’s Corner to get sacked for comments he made on Saturday night. The long time host and hockey icon is just another victim in the raging culture war going on in Canada and around the world.

Is this how it ends for Don Cherry? Only time will tell because surprisingly enough this isn’t the first time he has been fired or bosses have attempted to fire him. We will see if it sticks or not but one thing is for sure Don Cherry is an elder statesman of the game of hockey and to go out like this just sucks.

Don Cherry has been a Canadian Icon for decades but the times we are in are very strange. For instance, the Prime Minister of Canada was re-elected even after being exposed to have wore blackface on 3 separate occasions. Now Cherry gets fired for saying “you people”.

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We didn’t start writing this blog to be political and we don’t care about political correctness too much, but this is a warning to everyone. If someone says something that may offend the outrage culture, than you may be a target.

Nonetheless Ron MacLean issued an apology about Don’s comments and how he reacted. We have found it somewhat odd that Ron would issue a statement or an “apology” without Don Cherry as well. As it stands we can only speculate why. But as for this evening Ron MacLean hasn’t been fired.

So we will see what ultimately happens and if Cherry is gone for good or just for a bit. Either way though for a Canadian Icon to be roosted like this is unfair, unjust and unCanadian.

There is no doubt that there hasn’t been another Canadian figure that supported the troops more than Don Cherry has. The irony of being fired on Remembrance Day for making comments about people not wearing poppies is astounding. That’s the crazy world we live in now though.

We will definitely have more to say on this at some point but we are truly shocked about today’s events.

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