Cancel Culture Strikes Again As Mike Milbury Cancelled For Wrong Reasons

Mike Milbury
Photo via Twitter @realmikemilbury

Mike Milbury has had plenty of blunders to discredit him in recent memory, but rather than taking one of those and running with it the insecure social justice warriors in the new sports media are taking his recent comments out of context and trying to do what they have accomplished with Don Cherry and Jeremy Roenick. The funniest part about it all is what he said has been said and done for decades and is another part of not just hockey culture but sports culture in general.

So what did Mike Milbury say that has had cancel culture revving in the red zone for the past couple days? Milbury made comments eluding to women being a distraction to the NHL players. Unfortunately though anyone with half a brain could see that this was taken out of context.

The comments were made as an off the cuff remark while complimenting the league and its bubble. This is where things are being taken out of context and the usual suspects of the sports social justice movement smelled blood. The social justice warriors circled like sharks while stalking their prey until he was finally let go from NBC today.

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The problem with the comments were made up. It is obvious to people who follow sports for sports and not to press some cultural revolution that there are times when teams stay in hotels alone to keep the players focused on the task at hand. This has been done for years and when Milbury made the comments that women would be a distraction he was more likely referring to the players wives and girlfriends rather than the hotel staff and arena and health care personnel on site.

There is also example after example to back up what Milbury was saying as well. All you have to do is google the phrase “hockey players stay at hotel in playoffs for home games” and the first article to pop up is a 2017 CBC article which talks about exactly this. In the article it goes on to say “But a few players who were asked if they’d rather stay in a hotel during the home end of their playoff series — a practice some teams have done over the years — said they’d prefer to be in their own houses.”

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But wait that isn’t it because there are other examples, just continue scrolling down on the first page of the same google search and you will find an article from April 2019. In this NewsDay article titled “Why Islanders may stay in a hotel for rest of Stanley Cup playoffs” they talk about the “distractions” of staying at home during the playoffs. The article even has a quote saying, “It just gives guys an opportunity to get away or if family is in town, to get away from some distractions and make sure you just focus on good sleep or, on game day, a nap,”.

Unfortunately the cowards that report on sports such as some of the reporters at the Athletic like Alison Lukan and James Mirtle, are to busy virtue signalling there superiority over people instead of focusing on real blunders Mike Milbury has said in recent memory. Not to long ago when the Columbus Blue Jackets and Tampa Bay Lightning went into 5 overtime periods Milbury expressed how he thought they should end the game with a shootout.

This should have gotten the “reporters” buzzing, but instead of attacking him on a valid point they showed their insecurity and used a nothing burger to try and destroy a persons career. The same tactics that are being used in politics are being deployed in sports by some of these same left wing lunatics that are hell bent on a cultural revolution that would have every game end in a tie.

For the love of god you bunch of imbeciles, have a back bone and if you don’t like a reporter challenge them on there knowledge or an opinion you can disagree on. To go after someone with a made up, taken out of context, insecurity driven charge, you only look like a fool to the normal people of the sports world. You do know the ones… they are the silent majority.

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