Canadians getting bum calls at World Juniors

World Juniors

In what is a probably not so surprising turn of events, the Canadian word junior team is getting bum calls at World Juniors. This time in question is a penalty and ejection to Nolan Foote.

Foote who was finishing a check just absolutely destroyed the Slovaki player. Which didn’t appear to be a dirty hit at all we seen the Canadian get ejected with a game misconduct. 

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Look hockey has hitting and this was a great hit. If this is any indication of what we can expect in the future then we will be certain the game will suffer. 

Dollars to donuts if that was a player from any other country that wouldn’t have even been a penalty. Go ahead and see for yourself. It’s a bum call that’s for sure. World Juniors or not that shouldn’t be a penalty at all.

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