Brad Marchand unloads on Twitter user for shootout criticism

Brad Marchand Twitter

After last nights misstep in a shootout loss to Philadelphia, Brad Marchand isn’t taking any prisoner. The Boston Bruin agitator unloaded on a twitter user already today.

In what can only be described as epic, Brad Marchand chirped some no name dude on twitter that goes by the handle of @BleedingTeal. Andy Man or @BleedingTeal chirpped Marchand about last nights gaff after the notorious Bruin posted a picture of him lifting the Stanley Cup.

The incident as you can see from above looked awful. The theatrics of it all make it even worse. Marchand takes some heavy pumps to race to the puck and only to skim it and lose for his team in the shootout.

Nonetheless this guy chirped Marchand and probably didn’t expect to have what happened next.

BleedingTeal tried his best by tweeting That’s great and all. But at least I can pick up the puck cleanly in the shootout. Also, I’m sure last night is going over real well ion the group text.

@BleedingTeal Twitter

What happened next was unexpected. Marchand replies to the troll by reminding him that when he takes a shootout it’s not in the NHL. Marchand also calls the guy a peasant. How epic is that and as Marchand says, “dream big bud”.

At least Brad Marchand isn’t letting people bully him especially on twitter.

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