Boston Bruins Continue To Troll Maple Leafs In Off Season

David Pastrnak

The Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs have had a decades old rivalry in the NHL. While the Boston Bruins continue to troll Maple Leafs in off season. This rivalry is as relevant today as it was in the early days.

We have just about seen it all from the Bruins and it’s hilarious. You can’t help but wonder though, will the Leafs continue to bite their tongue or start responding to the comments.

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Maybe some people are reading too much into what the endless stream of praise and glory the Bruins give the Leafs means. Whether the constant jabs at Toronto’s players are purposefully orchestrated by the Bruins to put pressure on the Toronto fish bowl. We don’t know for certain. 

What we do know is that if this keeps up, we will be in for one hell of an entertaining hockey season. 

Last year during the end of the regular season we had the comment by Boston Bruins David Pastrnak. When Garrett Sparks made an unbelievable stick save in practice Pastrnak quoted a tweet pointing out Tuukka Rask makes those saves every day.

Pastrnak didn’t end it there. Fast forward to earlier this week when it seems he gave Auston Matthews some huge praise. While on the surface it seems innocent, but given the heavy critic the Leafs receive in the Toronto media, this is gold. 

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Pastrnak and other Bruins players giving high expectations on Leafs is becoming a common theme. Not to be outdone by pointing out skill, Pastrnak also poked fun at Matthews by saying the “biggest thing is for him to be healthy…”. 

Is he implying Matthews runs risk of more injuries? Pure gold troll. 

It isn’t all Pastrnak taking jabs at the Leafs and their players. Earlier this year Brad Marchand made quite the stir when he praised Mitch Marner. 

Marchand anticipated that the young Leafs phenom would be in for some difficult contract negotiations. Brad Marchand tweeted out that Marner better get 12 Million AAV with the hashtag #MarnerWatch. 

Once again the Bruins crystal ball was right as the Leafs have had a tough time locking up the young stud. Rumours have been circulating now for weeks that teams are interested in offer sheeting Marner.

Nothing has happened yet but filling the star with hot air and unrealistic expectations may just be part of the Bruins banter with their rivalry. All and all it is looking like we are going to have a very colourful season between the two clubs.

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