Bill Peters sends out apology letter, but is it enough?

Bill Peters Apology

The Calgary Flames head coach Bill Peters sent out an apology letter on Wednesday evening. The apology letter was addressed to Brad Treliving but had also been sent to members of the hockey media. 

In the apology letter that Bill Peters wrote he acknowledged that the language that he used was inappropriate. Peters also stated that he knows the comments have caused anger and disappointment. 

Will the apology letter be enough to save Bill Peters from losing his job? The Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving has used Associate Coach Geoff Ward for at least one practice and a game since the incident surfaced.

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The Calgary Flames have said they are doing a full investigation into the allegations. The Flames are seeming to stick behind Peters for now even though different allegations have also came out.

During a whirlwind of a week another former player accused Peters of punching and kicking him. So it hasn’t been a good week for the bench boss of the Calgary Flames.

On a brighter note Wednesday evening, the Calgary Flames were able to pull out a win in overtime against the Buffalo Sabres. The Flames needed that win as they have been in a huge slump as of late. 

This controversy is far from over for Calgary and Bill Peters but given the Flames coach has apologized and also considering the original slur happened about 10 years ago he may still keep his job. 

GM Brad Treliving is an incredibly loyal man and has recently stuck behind his coach as the Flames struggled but this just may be too much for him and the organization. Only time will tell now as we sit and wait to hear about Bill Peters fate. 

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