Avalanche hit 40 points before 30 games for 3rd time since 2001

Colorado Avalanche 40 points in under 30 games
Nathan MacKinnon during a flurry of Avalanche chances in the first period of the game at the Philadelphia Flyers on Oct. 22, 2018. Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

What a great year the Colorado Avalanche are having. The Avalanche have managed to hit the 40 point plateau in just 29 games. 

This is only the 3rd time the Colorado Avalanche have accomplished this feat since the 2001 season. The success this group has had is truest remarkable considering they haven’t even playing with  all the stars the team has. 

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Since this summer the Avalanche have been pegged to be one of the top tier teams in the NHL. These results we are seeing prove just that. 

The success of this team is bringing out the best in players like Ryan Graves. The rock solid defenceman is having quite the year. 

Graves is playing with a league high +22 so far this year. He doesn’t appear to be slowing down either. During the past 7 games Ryan Graves hasn’t registered any minus games. The seven game stretch has actually seen him boast a remarkable +13.

Unfortunately though this week didn’t start well as the Avs took a loss to the Johnny come lately Calgary Flames. This overtime loss Monday marked the first loss in 7 games and snapped a 6 game winning streak. 

The Avs weren’t down long though. Wednesday evening seen them pummel the Philadelphia Flyers. The week is also far from over as the Avalanche face off against the New Jersey Devils tonight. 

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